The factory where I work is shut down for two weeks so i decided to go play in the mountains for a while. There should be some nice scenery this time of year.

Monday morning at 8 AM I was on the road. Took 35 east out of Chillicothe, Ohio where I live. stopped in Pt. Pleasant W.V. at Melinda's for breakfast. Just a little hole in the wall restaurant, but man the food is great. Got enough food for two people, paid my $6 and hit the road. Took 62 out of Pt. Pleasant to Charleston, WV. 60 to Gauley Bridge, caught 39 and took it to Lexington Va. Nice ride. 350 mile day. Foliage was so so. Got a room at the Econo Lodge in Lexington, hot shower, good supper, and back to the room. Broke the seal on the Makers Mark Bourbon and kicked back to relax. It don't get no better.

Up Tuesday morning and on the Parkway at 8:30. I saw three deer in the first mile and didn't see another deer the rest of the trip. Strange, deer are usually thick up here. I did see about a million Squirrels, all of them bent on suicide by Beemer. Saw a few Turkeys, no bears this trip. Fall colors were still rather ho hum on this part of the Parkway. It was 4 PM and I had in 250 miles, time to stop. I found a place in Linville N.C. called the Pixie Inn Motor Lodge. Old place probably built back in the 40's or 50's. Neat well maintained, and my room was spotless. Best part was the $40 rate. Had some supper, broke out the Makers and did a bike inspection. Spent the evening relaxing and chatting with other riders as they rolled in. No shortage of riders on the Parkway.

Up Wednesday and on the Parkway by 8:30. day started cool and cloudy with a bit of fog. May not be a good day for the Parkway. Wrong, about five miles and POOF sunshine. Beautiful day and the foliage was getting better. I did the side trip up to Mt. Mitchell. The trees were just plain beautiful at the higher altitudes. Mt. Mitchell was warm and sunny, a very rare occurrence. Back down to the Parkway and heading south. The leaves were very pretty for the remainder of the Parkway. I rolled into Maggie Valley about 1:30. Stopped at the Sweetbriar Inn for a room. I got the weather report while I was getting a room for Wednesday night. Rain starting about mid-night, hard rain and gusty (40mph) winds for Thursday. Hmmm, hard rain, gusty winds, CURVY roads, and wet leaves. Cancel that room, I am heading home. I gassed up in Maggie Valley, put the Beemer in Autobahn gear and headed north. At 10 AM I was standing at the highest point east of the Mississippi (Mt. Mitchell) talking with riders, at 10 PM I was sitting in my Lazy Boy having a beer. Rolled in my drive Wednesday night with 673 miles on the odometer, not a bad days ride.

I played in the twisties, I saw Mother Nature‘«÷s best work, I rode a total of 1300 miles, half of it in one day, and I had a blast.

The Beemer done great, never missed a beat. Used about 1/4 quart of oil. Oil consumption is getting better as I near the 25,000 mile mark. It should quit using any oil by 30,000. Wednesday I ran a fairly steady 70mph until dark and then backed off to about 60. I got in the 50 mpg range coming home. Not bad.

All in all a good ride. Shorter than I had planned on, but the weather wasn't going to be good for Deals Gap or the Fontana area. Oh well, I will just have to go back again, and again.