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Thread: Texas Suggestions?

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    Texas Suggestions?

    I've got some vacation time to use, so I plan to ride through some of Texas. My plan is to arrive in Galveston Sunday, 11/11/07 and end up around Texarkana the following Friday evening. Any suggestions on roads or eating joints I need to hit?
    I lived in Houston in the early 80's and used to go to Luther's Barbeque, bit I've heard they're either gone or gone downhill. So maybe this trip will be based on finding good food. Any excuse for a ride is a good excuse.

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    Smitty's in Lockhart.

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    east texas is purty, but i wouldnt spend a week there.

    with that much time, i recommend heading west to the hill country. from galveston, go north on 45 to 10. take 10 to boerne. get off there, and head down to bandera. then head up to kerrville. then go back down that road, you'll want to. then head out to leakey. then ride 336, 337, 335, 51, and whatever else is out that way. then iron butt up to texarkana on the last day. (if i only had one week to ride here, that'd be my plan anyway.)

    others will chime in, but the roads are fun, the weather is great, and there are lots of little towns with good food.

    have fun and take lots of pictures!

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    I agree with username. You can't beat the 3 Sisters for good riding. I'm going next weekend and staying at Garner State Park.
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    Yep, tons of great riding in the Hill Country. There is also some decent riding around Granbury/Glen Rose, southwest of Fort Worth. If you do ride that area DO NOT MISS the Hard Eight BBQ in Stephenville! Last time I was there I took my brother and mom who were visiting from Alabama, and I think it was the meal that impressed them the most. My brother ate a pork chop that was damn-near as big as his head (I sh!t you not!).
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    What everyone said about 335,336, and 337 plus some comments. This is a good place to spend a day riding and many from out of town spend the night before in Kerrville. The Inn of the Hills in Kerrville is voted as a top hotel for motorcycles, plus tons of hotels all around that area. For a special treat at a very cool place to spend the night, the Hanger Hotel at Fredericksburg Airport is great. More like a five star hotel once you get inside. Check it out even if you can't spend the night.

    To start out in the morning, head south to pick up Hwy 337 in Medina and take it all the way west through Leakey (pronounced lake E) to Camp Woods. That's a great road !! Be careful of Radar around Leakey and also low bridges after it's been raining. At Camp Woods head north to pick 335. 335 is the closest you'll ever get to riding on a roller coaster. That is just a blast! 336?, hmmm, put it this way, it's convenient to get you back to 337. Could be as good as the others only too many cattle guards. Some are right in the middle of turns and some are not as flush as you'd like them. I'm being nice. Just be aware of all the cattle guards since you'll have to kill your speed in places you wouldn't normally have to. Lastly, just know that this area is like ground zero for all deer on the planet. Would highly recommend staying off these roads after dark. You're pretty much guaranteed to spot deer hits from the night before all around that area.

    Further north: Hwy 4 is a real nice run from Cleburne all the way up to Jacksboro.. You can pick it up just north of town or cut up to it on 2331 just west of Cleburne. Take 4 up through Grandbury, to Lipan, to Santos , and Lone Camp. Lone camp up through Palo Pinto is a nice run for sure. A small variation is just about 10 miles south of Jacksboro on Route 4, take 2210 at Bartons Chapel and cut east to Perrin to take 281 the last few miles into Jacksboro. 2210 is just a personal little favorite in that area. In Jacksboro is a place called Herd's famous hamburgers. Super Hamburgers if you're in town for lunch or dinner. Just a couple of blocks north of the town square.

    If you can get to Stephenville, Veg is right about the Hard Eight BBQ. Very bike friendly and some of the best BBQ in the whole state. Nothing like it and easy to get to: It's at the intersection of Hwy 67 and 281 in Stephenville. Try the 2 inch pork chop.

    Big Bend area is also a great area further southwest, but the above make for fun day rides if you can include them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The_Veg View Post
    If you do ride that area DO NOT MISS the Hard Eight BBQ in Stephenville!
    Then Hico for PIE at the Koffee Kup!!!
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