Here's how to adjust throttle bodies, I think. First, warm up bike completely. Then remove brass screws from throttle bodies and clean them. Install screws and seat them then turn both out exactly one full turn. Then with a Twin Max connected adjust the throttle stop screws for balance at idle then rev to 3K and adjust throttle cables for balance. Return to idle and tweak the right side brass screw if necessary to obtain perfect balance at idle. My 04RT has never been completely smooth when at idle and I have always had a slight amount of surging, no more I have never in 26K miles ever done anything with the brass screws except slightly adjust the right screw for sync at idle. Before I removed both brass screws I seated them and noted that the left screw was turned out about 3/4 of a turn and the right screw was slightly less than 1/2 turn. Setting them both out one turn and syncing with stop screws made a world of difference and I could have saved the money I spent on a Techlusion 259. I left the Techlusion connected beause the extra fuel on acceleration is welcome but hardly a necessity. Oh, my bike always had a tendency to pop into the muffler on deceleration going down hill and even that has gone away. The motor is as smooth at red line as it is at 4k and will pull smartly from 3K in fifth gear up slight hills with wife on board. This may be thanks to the techlusion and the extra gas when needed. I also tryed disconnecting the O2 sensor from the R259 and that did not produce good results at all and I shant do that again. This method of adjusting throttle bodies reminds me of performing the same service to a Bing carburetor with the brass screws on the throttle bodies being adjusted in much the same fashion as the idle mixture screws on the old Bing CV carb. So, am I full of the old you know or?