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Thread: Bay Area to Baja road trip soon; anyone interested?

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    Question Bay Area to Baja road trip soon; anyone interested?

    I'm riding my '92 Euro R100GSPD solo down to La Paz around the first few days in November from the Bay Area (where my bike is garaged--I live in Hawaii).

    I'll be slabbing it down I-5 to San Diego in one or two days :and then crossing at Tecate the next morning. No dirt riding, although I'll have new TKCs on the bike then.

    I aim to make El Rosario, San Ignacio, Loreto and La Paz in four days from San Diego and will be hoteling it all the way. After a several-day side trip from La Paz to the mainland, my wife will join me in La Paz and we'll be riding two-up on the way back to the Bay Area.

    Anyone interested in tagging along from San Diego south?

    It'd be great to have a riding partner(s) even if only for the first day or two down Highway 1.


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    I'll be ahead of you by about 2 weeks! Myself and two others leave SF area tomorrow (Oct.17th) for a 12 day-er all the way down to Cabo. Paved roads all the way, but one day, when I get a GS.......

    I'll be back on the 28th and will post pic's and reports as I get a chance.

    If I don't catch you before then, have a BLAST!!


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    Love to but. . .

    Guys, I need a semester ahead to plan a trip like that. I would love to go and before I pass on out into BMW heaven I want to do the trip. As nothing comes up I just keep saying yes to the college and work.


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    Thumbs up

    Hey Lou; Have a great trip! Too bad I can't leave sooner and join you. I'll be leaving Moraga (just over the hill from you!) around the 3rd (+ - a day or so).

    Are you crossing via TJ or Tecate? I hear Tecate is much safer these days. I came back through Tecate 7 years ago and stayed at La Hacienda, couple miles west of downtown on the TJ highway--good place with off-street parking, big rooms and very reasonable at the time ($26 single). Los Pinos Cafe on the plaza has good food.

    Speaking of food, enjoy Mama Espinosa's in El Rosario---a must!--- and tell 'em I'm coming!

    Rancho Santa Ines is a good place to camp or stay 1km from Catavina---stayed there 7 years ago and 32 years ago... They serve meals, too.

    I'm trying to find a good place to park my bike in La Paz for several days while i fly over to GDL to join my wife for a family visit and sightseeing. If you or anyone knows of a secured parking lot (ideally at the La Paz airport) please let me know.

    There should be lots of internet cafes in La Paz; will you post a road report, please? I'll PM you with my email address now and please feel free to email me at any time you get the chance. I know a lot of new bridges and road improvements are continually being done. Curious to know how you find the road to be nowadays.

    Watch out for giant potholes, blind curves, deep vados with cattle/trucks/carcasses/who-knows-what, etc. parked in the way, passing trucks, etc.---usually a wild adventure down Highway 1! I almost went off the road before the San Lino turnoff onetime; pays to stay 100% alert and don't try to make 500 miles a day. You've probably already heard this a million times before, but: NEVER RIDE ANYWHERE IN MEXICO AT NIGHT. Suicide/asking for trouble; the drunks, bandidos and bad cops come out to play then...

    Stay safe as you can but still have a good time and don't worry about things too much. Baja is a super place and that road is still my #1 favorite ride of all time.

    When you're slabbing it home watch for me on my way down... and silver R100GSPD---lots of reflective tape, TT aluminum boxes, yellow Nolan, big bright yellow Ortlieb bag on the back rack and I'll be using a pulsating bicycle light mounted to the left side roo bar for extra visibilty.

    Hasta luego amigo(s)!


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