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Thread: Traveling to 105 Counties in Kansas

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    Traveling to 105 Counties in Kansas

    In August I decided to travel to all 105 counties in Kansas and take a picture of my LT in front of each courthouse. Kansas is 411 miles from east to west and 208 miles north to south. I broke it down into 4 trips and stayed in a motel 5 nights with the longest trip being 2,177 miles and 60 counties. Visiting all the counties was a total of 4,080 miles. Even though I have spent my life in Kansas I learned a great deal by traveling secondary, and even gravel roads, and actually going into the towns to find and photograph the courthouse. So if you are looking for a way to learn more about your state you might give it a try. For more information about my trips visit my blog at:
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    Quote Originally Posted by alvingee43 View Post
    In August I decided to travel to all 105 counties in Kansas...
    Did you notice any difference?

    Cheers, Tom

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    What fun you had! Thanks for sharing the link to the details and the idea with forum members in other states.

    Gorgeous old buildings.

    What's next?

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    These kinds of rides/objectives I think are great. So much learned and experiences. Many deposits to the memory account. I may do the same county thing too.

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    Great story. I used to live in MD and it wasn't too hard to visit every county. I now live in PA and have thought about doing it, but it's a little tougher. I'll have to rethink this and get my map out.
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