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It's ok riding when it's hot, but you have to deal with the loud muffler crowd. But, it's even better when it's 20 degrees (or less) as long as it's been dry with no chance of ice. Love pulling up next to someone in a big SUV sipping a drink of coffee with their goatee and Oakleys on and with an ostentatious Hardley Dangerous sticker in the back.

I just shake my head and let my shoulders shake with mirth. "Yeah, you're a real rider." Cold is good but rain? I have to clean my bike and that takes time I could be riding!!!!


Randy Kasal
Couldn't have said it better myself, Randy. I started riding my mini bike in the snow when I was a kid, so it seemed only natural that when I got my first bike, to just keep on riding in winter. Not in the snow, or on ice, but if the road is clear, I'm out there.

I finally broke down & bought Gerbings socks & gloves. I have to admit I feel like I'm cheating somehow, but at least my feets will be toasty this winter.

If I had the means & storage space, I'd get myself a 2 wheel drive Ural so I could ride in the snow.