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    smoky starting

    I am a former long-time airhead rider and now have a newly-purchased 1996 R1100R with 27,000 miles on it that puffs a little smoke when I first start it after it has sat on the center (not side) stand overnight. No smoke after that at any time. I'm a little embarrassed to ask, because I had the Dallas BMW dealer do a full service routine, about $400 worth, right after I bought it. They said the bike was in virtually perfect mechanical condition, and it runs great with no surging and almost no vibration at all, with lots of torque in top gear. Is this cold-start puffing characteristic or is there something I can check? My airheads did this only after leaning on the side stand for several hours. Any suggestions appreciated.

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    Do you use the choke/enrichener when you start the bike? If it is too rich, it will cause it Another item would be the a leaking valve stem seal. MY first oilhead parked up hill on the centerstand with the back tire on the ground usually smoked when I started it cold. I never really worried about it because the bike I had before it was an 85K100RT, looked like a mosquito fogger when it started up. JON

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    Dark Cloud: Thanks for the heads-up. It's probably the fuel enrichment on a cold start-up. As I said, the dealership serviced the bike thoroughly. I figure if it was a leaking seal, they would have spotted it, more bucks to get out of my pocket. My other thought was a crankcase breather vent. The airheads vent on the right side air tube, mine always dribbled a little oil after a lot of miles. I don't know how the fuel-injected oilheads handle that. Will buy a good shop manual and start reading. Once again, thanks.

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