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Thread: I've got two or three days...

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    Question I've got two or three days...

    Well I need some input.
    I've got an anniversary coming up and I'd like to jump on a plane (yes with the wife) and get outta' dodge for a few days...
    We've got about 2 or 3 days to do a quick vacation.

    2 thoughts...We've never been to the Grand Canyon or Seattle. Big difference I know!

    Are either of these 2 "doable" in that short of time?

    likes- historic stuff, great food, can't stay put for very long i.e. Love the beach but about 4 hours of laying around and we are ready to sight see...

    dislikes- Not a "big city" fan...Lived in NYC for about 6 years, fun while it lasted, but prefer wide open spaces...

    Any suggestions? Gotta' make a choice by next week!


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    Seattle has the food covered. If you go, take the underground tour -- interesting local history. Seattle is not a big city like a lot of other places, the downtown is walkable (but hilly) and it has a lot of distinct neighborhoods. It's probably too late in the year to see "the mountain".
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    Where do you live?
    Dave Swider
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    Sedona and GC

    I would fly in to Phoenix, rent a bike and ride to Sedona. Check in to a place there. Very nice place to spend an anniversary. The ride to the Grand Canyon Village is about a 2 1/2 hr ride. Very scenic ride up 89a and 180 out of Flagstaff. Excellent place for dinner in Tusayan. A steak house on the east side of the road, you will see the spotted cow bus with the horns in my avatar on the road. Great food and priced right. Great atmosphere too. When in the park take 64 east to the Desert View. It is a very nice ride and the Desert View lets you look west right thru the middle of the canyon. Great spot. If its a partly cloudy day, stick around the park for sunset. I would go back to the GC every year if I could. If you want to go to the western view points they have a shuttle system that works well, just cant ride yourself there.

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    Two years ago, we did an Alaska cruise out of Seattle. Based on all the great things I heard, I couldn't wait to spend an extra few days there. I'm sorry to say I was disappointed. The food was fabulous and I loved the market but little else. Homelessness was everywhere - mostly disgruntled youth looking for someone to pay their credit card bills. (No lie! One even held a sign saying "credit card debt is killing me, please help!)

    I'm glad I went as it was one of the cities I wanted to visit but I don't think I'd return - at least not the downtown area.

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    Quote Originally Posted by spiegeltuxer View Post
    I would fly in to Phoenix, rent a bike and ride ... to the Grand Canyon Village is about a 2 1/2 hr ride. ...... If you want to go to the western view points they have a shuttle system that works well, just cant ride yourself there.

    Ditto the recommendation for the Grand Canyon. They also have lodging available in the park. Temps could be cool (cold) this time of year since you are at around 7000 feet plus above sea level.
    Not far east of Flagstaff just off I-40 is the meteor crater, a fairly amazing natural wonder. Have a great trip where ever you choose.

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    Grand Canyon is ....

    (no description since words would only limit an unbelievable sight)

    One of those must absolutely see sights.

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    I think the Grand Canyon would be the place to go. It is a beautiful place and yet it has it's own flare for romance. Plus the tourist season has slowed down.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KBasa View Post
    Where do you live?

    Just a bit further North of Paul Bach...
    Saratoga NY.

    "Plus the tourist season has slowed down."
    Every trip to the coast, Maine/ Cape Cod/ NJ/ Virginia/ Florida/ Cali...Has ALWAYS been OFF Peak...
    IMHO the best time to travel period.

    "The foothills of the Adirondacks"

    And thanks for the info everyone...Will chew on this overnight and try and make a decision!

    "Is LasVegas worth seeing if I went to the Canyon?"
    Not that I'm into that stuff - but is it worth seeing if in the neighborhood?

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