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    Trip Tic

    Remember the day's of triple A's trip tic? Then Mapquest came along? And then we all got very lost. Then we got GPS, great but we rely on what the GPS is telling us. Wouldnt it be great if we could share good route's together? Here's my thought; I am planning a trip to Phoenix, AZ next June. Leaving from Cleveland, OH. Since we have country-wide readers, would if I posted the states we will be passing through and you (living in that state) tell us where to pass through. I honestly do not trust Mapquest. Especially if I can drive through a state and enjoy some of the beauty (suggested by a reader) and Mapquest send's me another way...know what I'm saying? Let me know your thoughts.


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    What you are suggesting is actually pretty commonplace right here on the Forum. Folks will often post questions such as, "I will be travelling from "A" to "B." Are there any good, must ride roads along the way?" These queries never fail to elicit a bunch of recommendations.


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    Cause we all like remembering the GOOD rides . . .

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