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Thread: New battery for R27

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    New battery for R27

    I will be installing a new battery very soon. I'd like to use an AGM or gell battery since the darn thing is encased and has a history of acquiring gunk on the posts.
    Is anyone making a 6 volt, sealed battery?

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    There are many 6V sealed batteries. Vech (Craig Vechorik of Bench Mark Works) sells them for the twins. He doesn't list a sealed battery for the singles.

    I put a sealed battery on my R51/3. I took a dead, rubber cased battery and hollowed it out, then got a sealed battery most of the way in it.

    Check out the 6V sealed lead acid (SLA) batteries at Rage Battery, for example (there are many on the web) to see what sizes are available.
    --Darryl Richman, forum liaison

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