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Thread: Oil Leak

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    Oil Leak

    I'm thinking of buying an'06 F650 GS but I don't like the looks of an oil leak at
    the countershaft sprocket. The owner didn't offer to remove the cover to be sure.
    It was enough oil to have a slight drip under the engine. Owner claims to have
    never added oil between changes. Does anyone have experience with this?

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    How much oil was showing there? It is expected that chain lube will collect there and create a mess. If the owner has been generous with it, there will be a considerable amount flung off in there. Could be all it is, but in any case, a coutershaft seal is not a big deal to replace.
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    I use ATF on my chain and after a short ride on a freshly lubed chain it is not unusual to find a bit dripping from the CS cover.

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    It's probably chain lube and is normal.

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    Chain Goo collection area.

    Every oil change I end up cleaning that area out.

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