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Thread: Looking For Autumn Along the Peak to Peak Highway

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    Looking For Autumn Along the Peak to Peak Highway

    This is a Scenic Byway in Colorado some of you may be familiar with. It departs south out of Estes Park at Rocky Mountain National Park, running parallel to spurs of the Continental Divide.

    Decided yesterday to see how it looked before more forecasted snow would fall last night. Autumn has mostly left the stage up high but maybe I'd find places where it still had some lines to deliver.

    Pausing about five miles north of Nederland. 2-3 weeks ago the Aspen here would have been a stunning gold. The Indian Peaks peer over the ridge...

    OK, going further north the RT pauses above Peaceful Valley. Can see a smattering of gold here and there, also a few trees that have let go of their gold coins. That's Sawtooth Peak in the distance. Once descended this road at a merry old speed on a January 1st, marveling in the cold but dry conditions, and was greeted with sheets of ice in the shade on the road. Yikes! Smooooothly slowed down, but still remember the pucker moment!

    Near Allenspark there's a pause at the sentinel of Rocky Mountain National Park... 14,256ft. Long's Peak. The knob just to the front of it is Mt. Meeker.... upper right of the pic. Still, only a hint of autumn's presence remains. Still searching...

    Success! I fly pass a curve and dip in the road, look to the left, and behold... autumn colors at Wild Basin in the southern part of RMNP. A U-turn is made...

    So just a focus on the beauty of autumn, the beauty of seasons. As I'm parked taking pics, others pass by wondering what I'm taking pics of and soon others are turning around, parking along the road, taking IMGs as well. It's a pretty place, delivered by the RT.
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