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Thread: Louisville BMW open house

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    Louisville BMW open house

    Louisville BMW open house

    I left the ranch about 0630 met up with Tom at the Gas and Go
    and we were on our way . Threading our way through the morning traffic
    until we caught some clean air on 65 south.
    Breakfast at Cracker Barrel bout 1/2 way down

    They had 5 bikes for the demo ride:
    1 R1200R
    2 F800S
    1 G650 xmoto
    1 G650 xcountry
    We signed up for the 11:00am ride and selected our mounts
    Tom an F800S and I on the G650 xcountry thumper.

    The 650 motor was buzzy as expected with plenty of low end torque.

    The urban test course selected four us was a mix of industrial side streets, RR crossing, some intercity, some corners twisting us around and under the interstate.

    When everyone else was slowing for the RR tracks I was throttling up the
    valient 650 (I am not a small rider 280 plus, never got any air but a small adrenalin rush)
    my mount had ABS braked you could turn off or on.
    Plenty of ground clearance as with my 33 inseam I was just flat footed in the parking lot.

    I road a KLR 650 in AK last year and this mount felt very similar
    very capable mount, ready to do your every bidding on any road surface you choose.

    The show room sported at least one of every model with the exception of the
    K1200LT ............there were none !!! I guess they sold them all.

    The parts counter had the donut like bushing for covering the shifter linkage
    ball and socket connection that I needed. I added 4 to my spare parts collection.

    The bratts were cook to perfection and the weather was HOT.

    Our trip back was augmented with some twisties on IN 135,
    then we jumped on 65N and headed back to the ranch.

    Tom had complained that he could not find the hyperspace button on the F800S he demoed but he found it on the way back on his R1150RT

    We stopped at a small winery and picked up some vino for our wives....
    We had a happy evening as well.......................

    Not affiliated with Louisville BMW just talking bout our ride... thanks for reading.


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    Thanks for posting....I wish we could have made it down there, but I had to work.

    My wife and I rode down there last week. It's a nice dealership. A lot larger than I expected and quite a few bikes for sale. They had 5 or 6 R1200RT's.

    We did a similar route with a sidetrip over to SR135 and a stop at the Story Inn for dinner. Nice place, interesting decor, great food, but a little $$.

    Would be interested in hooking up if you do more rides like this!


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    I went to the open house too. It was a last minute decision. I opened the garage door to get the mower out and the bike was sitting right next to it. BMW, John Deere; which to ride? I decided it was too hot to ride the mower. I bought rear pads and won a ballaclava door prize.


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