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Thread: routine service

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    routine service

    I have 2002 R1150RT and have decided it's time to start doing services myself. At this point my research has yeilded I should obrain the BMW CDROM service manuel and a Twin Max Sync Tool.

    Can any one shed further light on the tools and info needed to adjust the valves and sync the throttle body??

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    Welcome to doing your own service.

    They are a few carb sync tools you can use other than the twinmax, but the twinmax is also good.

    A manual always helps and there is alot of info on the web on how to do maintenance on your bike.

    E-mail me at and I will set you up but I am also going to recommend you go to

    Also if you want to talk e-mail me with you number and I will call you.

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    Go to and look in their hall of wisdom section. There are two good documents you should download and read. One is Oilhead Valve Adjustment for Dummies (labeled as OVAD) and the other is Oilhead Throttle Body Adjustment for Dummies (labeled as Throttle Adjustment). Both are great references and amusing to boot!
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