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Thread: Joy Ride

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    Thanks for the pix, BG. Wonderful shots! I am smiling...........
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    Medicinal boxergrrlie! I rode all day Saturday and most of Sunday, cameras, filters, tripod in tow and didn't stop once to take a shot despite seeing untold opportunities.

    Is the Santiago Calatrava-designed building what is known as the Quadracci Pavilion? I haven't been to Milwaukee since it was built, but I used to visit often when working with Quad Graphics and became acquainted with Harry Quadracci, his wife Betty and numerous other fine and friendly folks in Wisconsin.

    Very nice images! Thanks for sharing the pics and the motive.
    Ben Ricci

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    so what was your average speed for the ride? we all know you tracked it and compared it to what you normally do for IB stuff...

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    Quote Originally Posted by username View Post
    so what was your average speed for the ride? we all know you tracked it and compared it to what you normally do for IB stuff...

    Did NOT!!

    It was hard enough not tracking and better that I didn't. If I would have actually kept track I think that I would have broken out in a cold sweat to see my overall average so completely in the toilet!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by boxergrrlie View Post
    [SNIP]Plus, I am really trying to work on taking better pictures and yesterday was a good exercise for that too. I'm open to feedback. . . .[/SNIP]
    I'll give you some feedback:

    You're an interesting woman, ever more so as I get to know you better through this forum.

    You are culturally literate and a good writer.

    You exude a sense of camaraderie and show both care and concern for your club-mates.

    You're funny and you like babies and you like to ride motorcycles and you take good pictures.

    How's that for some feedback?

    Thanks for an especially cool ride report and some very nice pictures.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SNC1923 View Post

    How's that for some feedback?

    Thanks for an especially cool ride report and some very nice pictures.
    Wow Tom - thanks for the kind words and for checking out my report!

    (First use of the blush smiley)

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    Quote Originally Posted by boxergrrlie View Post
    The baby woke up eventually and wasn't quite sure what to make of me.
    isn't funny how a baby's expression can say way more than words could ever express?

    this one's like...

    "who are you and why are you looking at me that way?"

    great report, rebecca. glad you stopped and smelled the roses.

    or... izzat the baby's diaper that needs changing?????


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    That art museum building is flat out cool. The wings retract? Double cool!
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    I noticed the museum when I first visited Milwaukee a few years ago. And earlier this year they were running a Lipitor ad with Dr. Jarvik walking around in what looks like it should be the inside of the building- enough so that I wondered when I saw the ad.

    Great pics and great reading R! I think that you should try to get more used to this 'just riding' thing. It's good for you.
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    Your joy ride was a joy to read and to savor.

    Thanks for sharing your fun.

    Live fully. Laugh deeply. Love widely.
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    Hey boxergrrlie it was a pleasure meeting you. I was wondering how you were hearing me with those plugs in . Fixed the ping problem via Matt At Motor West. Gave me some good tips. Now on to other problems. Won't start. Oh the joy. I enjoy the wrenching but I would much rather ride. Hey do you work in commercial production. I remeber being at someplace on I think Farewell one time and there was a BMW with a fuel cell on back. I asked about the bike and some guy said "some girl that works here goes on long rides with that thing." That's all I remeber but I don't think it was the same bike. I thought it was some sort of dual sport. It was a few years ago.See ya around. Enjoyed the pics.


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    BG, great pictures and wonderful writing. I had Columbus day off and took a long ride thru the Allegheny National Forest in Northwest PA and didn't take a camera. The leaves are turning and it was a beautiful day. Your work is inspiring, maybe next time I ride I'll take a camera. Thanks for the great ride report!

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    Nice report and Pics Rebecca That museum is quite picturesque!

    One of the most memorable weekends of the summer was when Gail and I loaded the bikes with camping gear and headed Northwest with no plan. I don't think we did much more than 500 miles the whole weekend but we took a bunch of pics and enjoyed many stops to "smell the roses".

    A highlight for sure

    Roast corn on the side of the road. Yumm!

    A look from the bottom of Quechee Gorge
    Nice campground BTW

    Gail having a wonderful ice cream in Woodstock

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    Hey BG I noticed you were in Kiel. There is a great bar/burger place there at the corner of hwy c and the road that 57 turns into when it starts to head north towards Lax Chapel RD. I think it is still called 57 at that point. I can't remember the name but it is a divey looking place with some beat up Harleys in front (not all of them), but it is right on the corner at a stop sign. Great burger , not so sure if they have New Glarus there . It is basically the border of Kiel. I wish I could remember the name but it escapes me. My wife's parents have a farm up that way in St. Nazian, with a great pond. Oh yeah, I thought your bike was in the picture with me.Oh well.


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    make up time

    you're making up for the one pic in 10k. LOL. Good pictures, thanks for sharing. Those two lads are correct, "outside is for squares", that would mean that "inside is for rounds". I'd rather be square than round. LOL

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