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    Joy Ride

    Inspired by the Photo Assignment threads, I set out earlier today to have a relaxed day- ride and combine it with some picture taking.

    It sounds easy, but the last time I rode my bike was home from the IBR and I have been in time-management and efficiency mode for so long (like, years) that I didn't know if I COULD stop and take pictures anymore.

    But it turns out, I can.

    My first picture is where a lot of my rides (both big and small) start - where Kenwood Blvd. turns into Lake Drive in Milwaukee. It's a beautiful turn with a great view of the lake as you go down the hill.

    Further up Lake Drive is the gorgeous Villa Terrace. It used to be a private residence but is now a Decorative Arts Museum. They also rent it out for weddings.

    The vertical thing in the center of the frame that looks like stairs is a waterfall:

    Further south on Lake Drive is what they are calling Pier Wisconsin. It has Discovery World, Pieces of Eight restaurant, the Milwaukee Art Museum and (I think) the schooner Dennis Sullivan which was built from scratch and launched in Milwaukee. The schooner was sailing so no pics.

    I parked the bike in the middle of everything:

    This is Discovery World:

    This is the Milwaukee Art Museum (on right with condos in the distance):

    I was so proud of myself that I actually got off of my bike, walked around and took pictures. Keep in mind that the whole time I rode the IBR (10K miles in 11ish days) I only took ONE picture of a sunset in NM.

    When I started walking back to my bike, there was a guy by it. Now, lots of people check out my bike in passing because it has three sets of lights and a fuel cell, but this guy was staying put and not moving on.

    I said hello to him as I walked up and he said some stuff that I didn't hear because I still had my earplugs in. I did catch that he had an R80 and he asked if I was an MOA member. I told him that I am and I asked him if he is an MOA Forum member.

    It turns out that he is, and his username is Miltown. How cool is that?? GREAT to meet you Miltown!! Hey everybody - Miltown is having trouble with his airhead pinging and I told him that you all could help him out. Keep an eye out for his thread, mkay??

    The Milwaukee Art Museum is the only Santiago Calatrava designed building in the United States. At night or in strong winds, the 'wings' are closed. This is the wings open:

    Once a day they close then open the wings for us tourists. This is the wings closing:


    Then open again - kinda cool. It's even more stunning inside - I'll save that for another day.

    I love this bike. It's been good to me. 140K+ miles (not all mine).

    Up the hill from the Calatrava wing is the War Memorial (designed by Aero Saarinen) and a statue of Lincoln that I have always liked:

    Around the corner from Lincoln is the Mark di Suvero "Sunburst" sculpture at the eastern end of Milwaukee's main street - Wisconsin Avenue. There was huge controversy when the Calatrava wing was built and many people thought that the Sunburst should move because it would interfere with the Calatrava.

    This is looking east from eastern-most WI Ave. You can see the Calatrava structure in the background fully extended:

    This is looking west down WI Ave. I am glad they kept the Sunburst. I like it. Years ago I knew one of di Suvero's assistants and I got to stay at the di Suvero compound in Brooklyn for a few days and meet the artist and see some of his works in progress.

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    All this picture-taking was exhausting and I was ready to get on the freeway for about an hour and relax on my way up to see my friend Amy who was babysitting her niece and nephew in Kiel, WI.

    But first, I stopped at the high school by my house - they were having a fundraiser and washing cars and selling refreshments.

    Then the RAM mount for my GPS came loose and I stopped to tighten it by this little art fair and had to take a picture:

    You don't have to drive far out of Milwaukee to be in rural areas. This is a beautiful pumpkin farm from the road:

    And this is what I got when I actually got off of my bike and walked down there:

    These shots were on the way back up:

    When I joined Amy at her brother's house, the baby was asleep.

    And these two were playing video games on a gorgeous fall day. I asked them why they weren't outside and they said that 'Outside is for squares.'

    The baby woke up eventually and wasn't quite sure what to make of me.

    I had a really good day putzing around, riding and taking pictures. I took this last one of the Milwaukee River about a mile and a half from my house as the sun was going down. Thanks for letting me share my ride and pictures.

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    Grumpy baby

    Nice pictures. Looks like you had a heck of a day. Nice bike, too, by the way.


    Randy Kasal

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    I also thank you. All such familiar sights to me. And a bright, sunny fall day.

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    My sister finished her academic doctorate in Madison, and I've really enjoyed the few times I was there, but I've always been traveling too fast to properly explore the state. It's so nice to see and get a feel for a new-to-me Wisconsin city.
    Thank you!
    The disgruntled baby, and I'm not a baby pic kind of guy, was actually cute. If I could give it a caption though, I'd be something along the lines of "What do you mean?! Whats a light socket have to do with my hair and why you lookin' at me?!"

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    Very nice BG!!
    Stopping and smelling the roses...uh huh!
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    Quote Originally Posted by boxergrrlie View Post
    The baby woke up eventually and wasn't quite sure what to make of me.
    isn't funny how a baby's expression can say way more than words could ever express?

    this one's like...

    "who are you and why are you looking at me that way?"

    great report, rebecca. glad you stopped and smelled the roses.

    or... izzat the baby's diaper that needs changing?????


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    That art museum building is flat out cool. The wings retract? Double cool!
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    I noticed the museum when I first visited Milwaukee a few years ago. And earlier this year they were running a Lipitor ad with Dr. Jarvik walking around in what looks like it should be the inside of the building- enough so that I wondered when I saw the ad.

    Great pics and great reading R! I think that you should try to get more used to this 'just riding' thing. It's good for you.
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    Your joy ride was a joy to read and to savor.

    Thanks for sharing your fun.

    Live fully. Laugh deeply. Love widely.
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    I'm in the same boat as I'm sure many others are.. We constantly ride, always carry our cameras, go to interesting and photo friendly beautiful places, but almost never take the time to get our cameras out which of course we always carry.

    This thread is a great reminder to slow down and see what you are seeing. I've been inspired. Thanks

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    Thanks for the pix, BG. Wonderful shots! I am smiling...........
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