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Thread: Route Advice, S. Co. to Spokane

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    Question Route Advice, S. Co. to Spokane

    Hello All,

    On July 11 or 12 our family vacation transitions into A solo motorcycle trip as I head for the MOA rally in Spokane.
    For those concerned about what happens to the rest of the family they're visiting with the in laws a bit longer.

    If you have route suggestions along with ideas about what to anticipate for camp sites and hotels, I would be pleased to hear from you.

    South Fork, Colorado is where I'm starting from. It is at the Intersections of 160 and 149.

    I'll save you some time by mentioning that yes, I know about the TOR Rally. Problem is it might not fit into OUR plans.

    putting that aside I am thrilled to make the ride to Colorado and then on to Spokane. see you in the teer bent!


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    Travel up Rt 25 in Wyoming

    Wyoming Motel in Wheatland, WY off I-25, Exit 80, I-25 business loop 1 to 1-1/2 miles on the right. Parking in front of your room.

    Bev Fontaine
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