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Thread: Battery Chargers

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    Battery Chargers

    I have an 1150 GS. Since the battery is a pain in the sitting bones to get to, is it possible to hook up a battery charger (Battery Tender) thru the accessory plug? If so, where can I get a plug to make it work? Thanks.

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    Battery Tender sells a unit that plugs right in. Most dealerships stock them

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    Yup. Just plug it right in.
    Dave Swider
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    Some bikes. Some with motors, some without.

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    Here's a design we'll never see from a company. Use a modern glass-mat sealed battery & lay it on its' side, top towards bike rear. Easy access to terminals & removal by pulling the seat. Don't know if any stock tank would straddle it. I'll try this on the R11HR when the liquid one dies.

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    Question Battery Tender alternative?

    Anybody have any experience with the Harbor Freight $14.99 'Automatic Battery Float Charger?' Per the catalog description, it appears to function exactly like the well-known brand, but for less than half the price., item #42292-ORAH

    John H.

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    i just put a new gel battery into my 97rt.....a real gel, not the glass type. the battery tender jr. was the only one i could find around that deffinetly would not over voltage while charging. i plug it into the acces. socket on the dash with the provided also came with hard mounts (6 inch direct mounted terminal leads) and the regular pinch battery leads.

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    Overcharging Gel Batteries

    There is an excellent article in Arpil? BMWMOA. Make sure the charger stays below 14.4 volts.

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