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    Copper Canyon

    A friend and I are considering a "guys week out", and looking at Copper Canyon, in Mexico. Anyone one done this, and if so could you recommend using the "package trips" like Rosen Rides, PanchVilla. Any feedback or input would be appreciated.

    Thanks, and ride safely.
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    Can you and your friend leave this Friday, October 5th? AZ Beemers are going to Bato

    Good Morning Ed,

    I wish that you two had seen our post for our AZ Beemers Copper Canyon trip a while ago. You're still welcome to ride with us if you can get yourselves mobilized by this next Friday, October 5. Go to Forum and look under Upcoming Rides and you'll see all the details and information for the Mexico ride.

    We at AZ Beemers, BMWMOA Chartered Club #89, got our feet wet riding to Mexico and Copper Canyon by going with Pancho Villa Moto Tours many years ago.

    We AZB highly recommend the International Tours that Skip & Nancy Mascorro and their excellent staff organize. I'm hoping to go on the Vienna to Istanbul run that Skip will be leading next spring. Also, I still want to go on the Veracruz trip.

    Rosen Rides also puts on a good trip, I myself am interested in their ride from Creel to the sea at Los Mochis. I will have to get myself in better offroad shape and get a lighter bike than my KLR 650 to make that gnarly track to the Pacific.

    If there's a chance you can go with us: Cell: 602-722-0427 & Home: 480-917-3863

    Saludos, Chuy Medina "El Burrito Ballerina" Chandler, Arizona

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    Rosen's Rides

    I was on a tour with this company three years ago. Everything went off without a hitch. The business is a family affair. Ricky Rosen handles reservations etc, from Phoenix. Her son, Justin, is the guide/concierge. Justin is married to a Mexican woman he met during his trips to Cerocahui. His brother in law drives the support truck. They have built, by hand, a nice lodge in Cerocahui, that you would stay at for a couple of days. His wife and mother in law do the cooking and his father in law keeps an eye on things.

    The riding was great, all the accomodations were comfortable and the food was good. Justin is an American who speaks spanish fluently, and that helps a lot with the locals. The locals were gracious and frendly. I cannot speak from experience, but understand that you get more off pavement with Rosen's than the other outfitters.

    You don't say what kind of riding that you are looking for, but Rosen's is oriented towards off pavement. I beleive that there are others that provide paved road tours in the area.

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