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    Smile Manitoba and back

    My gilr friend and I rode to Manitoba and back during the month of July. We put on just over 9,000 Kms and had a great time. My original intent had been to go to the Summerfest 07 rally in Mosport On but that didn't work our. She was having trouble with her Honda VFR so we turned back just a little east of Winnipeg. It was a great ride, we saw some great country and we met some interesting people. While stopped on the side of the road in Manitoba letting her bike cool down I waved at a group of passing Beemer riders who were headed to WI for the rally. They all came to a screeching halt because the thought there was something wrong. Although I appreciated their concern, I felt a bit sheepish when I explained it was just the youthful exuberance of another Beemer rider waving to kindred. I also met an old gentlemen in Alberta who had "gone ashore" on D Day as a 19 year old young man and was wounded there. Amazing man! Rides here start with a trip "down" the Alaska Highway which is a wonderful start to a vacation, some nice twisting, hilly roads and a fair amount of animals to look at and watch out for. We stayed on the northern route, mostly Hwy 16, on the way out and came back on Hwy 3 to BC and then back up Hwy 97 to home. My son told me an hour riding was better than a month of theraphy. I have enough time on my Beemer to tide me over the winter and let me plan my next ride.
    Dream the ride, ride the Dream.
    That's it, I just had to share.

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    Sounds like a great ride. I'd like to see it all some day.

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