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Thread: DADODIRT and SONODIRT go camping.

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    DADODIRT and SONODIRT go camping.

    This is my first post with pictures, so bear with me.
    Labor Day weekend can be crowded in Colorado.
    I know a few secret places that I can guaranty solitude.
    We decided to do a final camping trip before school starts.
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    Garfield comics after dinner.
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    Looking west toward the La Salle mountains in Utah.
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    View of camp from our morning hike.
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    Lots of old mining stuff out here....
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    View west with lots of old cans. Mining garbage. Beautiful background.
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    Well, thats all for this trip.
    Hope you enjoyed the pictures.
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    Hope SONODIRT is remotely cognitive of what a cool dad he has. Nice pics. Thanks for having us along.

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    Did great with the pictures, thanks for sharing! Is that an only child? Or how do you choose who you take along for a weekend trip?

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    Thanks for taking the time to post the photos and stories, looks like another place I need to visit.
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    I have one other son. It will be a few years until he can get his feet on the pegs, though.

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    Thanks for posting a great ride report. That kind of father/son adventure will be remembered forever. My best friend just returned from a 4,000 mile round trip with his dad. My friend is 27 and his dad is 59. I can't wait to hear their stories of the road. Keep posting those trips.

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