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Thread: At it again...Montana September (continued)

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    At it again...Montana September (continued)

    When the snowplow came back by ( it had passed us coming up the hill from the park entrance ) we knew it wasn't getting any better.

    Another part of the problem was my ignorance of the terrain and the highways. We had a brief respite...and false sense of accomplishment..... when the weather appeared to slack off at the junction of 89 & 49. With half a brain, I would have rolled on 89 toward Browning on the low land.....But Nooooooo.

    We were fated to see this section of highway again.

    When some fellow traveler spun his Subaru around in a loop, the plow driver, who has absolute authority in these matters, closed the road. We had to turn around...go back down the hill and over through Browning like we should have in the first place. The ride was brutal with gusting winds and blowing snow, but we emerged alive and on the now snow-dressed road back to Kalispell and points south.

    It was as though the trip had started all over was GOOD.

    It seemed an odd place for a miniature Washington Monument so we stopped for a look. Ths was the Marias pass which, at 5216' msl is the lowest crossing from the Mississippi River headwaters to the Pacific coast.

    The day had really improved and the fall colors around us confirmed that we were in the right place at the right time. At stop at West Glacier and a bite and we were able to inform some Canadian riders planning to follow 49 across the high country of the weather.

    They were happy...we were happy.

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    Now that's much better.

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    I can't say it any better than Voni!

    I don't think I'd be able to keep my bike up in weather like that, either.

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    Montana September

    Marias Pass is usually a safe escape route when the weather gets ugly in the Glacier sector.

    And the Canadians can go home from Kalispell through Roosville.

    When you're headed "out" and the tractor trailers coming towards you have snow on top, it's time to consider the U turn.

    Thanks for the fascinating report.

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    Nice Pic's.

    And as you found out, winter comes quickly in them thar hills.
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    Wow! What an adventure! Great pictures. Glad you guys survived...

    I almost went up to Bear Tooth this past week, but chickened out when I had friends warn me of early snow(s). Ended up going to Monument Valley instead...

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    Ha ha ha!

    I'm so glad you posted your photos. Folks think I'm teasing when I warn them about the potential for snow this soon. All we have to do is wait another week, we should be in Indian Summer by then.

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    Glad all wound up safe and warm. Incredible pictures. Thanks for sharing.

    But a small favor to ask .... Please keep that white stuff out there until at least mid-December. Then let it head east.
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    Holy smokes.

    I got caught in a downpour Saturday. I feel lucky.
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