This ride report is not about riding my bike through crappy weather for two days straight to reach some exotic stretch of twisty, scenic road with hundreds of curves. Nor is this ride report about my trip to Alaska because I do not have the vacation time nor an understanding enough spouse to allow me such adventures.

This ride report is about a little freckled first grader who's watched from the sidelines waiting for the day when his legs grew long enough to reach the passenger pegs.

Well, Garrett, a.k.a. Gar Bear, a.k.a Bear finally had a growth spurt which extended his limbs long enough to comfortably, and safely, ride pillion.

Garrett's gear, which is actually Gunnar's old gear, was bought from They are very high quality clothes. His helmet is a Nolan small. I am wearing my BMW gear plus a backharness with handles bought from the local ATV dealer.

"I'm going for my first ride!"

Dad leaves the driveway with some very precious cargo.

The ride itself was relatively uneventful*........which is good. I was planning on only about 10 miles but Garrett liked it so much he kept saying "keep going! "

We ended after about a total of 60 miles and a couple of milkshakes.

*Is it me or do you become a much smoother, and more conscientious, a rider you become when you have a passenger?