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Thread: Needed - BMW basic mechanics for non-mechanics

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    Needed - BMW basic mechanics for non-mechanics

    I have been saying to myself for about 10 years "I wish there were a two or three day seminar/school where guys like me who are lousy mechanics could learn how to do the basic necessary things that ever bike owner/rider of a BMW should know how to do -- with confidence"

    Things like remove front and back wheels. Change the tires AND put the front and back wheel with new tire on correctly. Even something as simple as changing oil.

    I know you guys with grease embedded under your finger nails since you were old enough to crawl will probably scoff at such basic tasks being "taught" but I am too cautious about my machine to risk myself doing something wrong and causing damage or worse endangering me or others on the road. My closest dealer is 240 miles away and they are GREAT, but simple things like this I would love to do myself but instruction manuals and "how to articles" do not install the confidence I personally need to venture into such even "simple" tasks.

    Anyone know of a "Basic BMW motorbike mechanic's school for Idiots?"

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    Having just read a thread about getting "skunked", thought I would save you from that fate. Your thread could have been written by me and I consider you a brave man to put it up on this forum which seems to be full of OMNICOMPETENT BEINGS. It would be nice if I could get together a group of like-minded klutzes and pay a tech from a local dealer to give a series of weekly classes. Trouble is, we would need the use of the dealer's repair bays. Can't figure why the dealer would do such a thing except just to be a nice guy or for the good will it would create.
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    Plainsscout, your User CP and sig line give no indication of what kind of bike you have.

    If by chance your ride an 1150 or 1200, Jim Von Baden has just released a couple of very basic service DVDs at very affordable prices.

    You can learn more about them here. I bought one recently and thought it money well spent. There's also a few threads going on this forum about his DVDs. You can check one of them here.

    I'm sure others will have lots of other suggestions, too. Do you belong to a local club? They usually abound in experienced mechanics who are willing to mentor novices like you and I.

    So, what kind of bike DO you ride?

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    Do you live around other riders? Get together and have a tech day. Learn together.

    I just did my valves and throttle body sync today, with limited prior experience. Really, this stuff is all learnable!

    Don't be intimidated.

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    What kind of bike to I ride??? Hmmm.

    Currently I moved up to my 1 of 2 dream bikes. The 1200 GSA.

    I will take a look at Von Baden's stuff, but there is nothing quite like someone saying watch this --- now you try it.

    I live in ND. There are exactly four of us that own BMW's with in 100 mile radius that I know of. Maybe the one guy knows more than the other three of us, but I know I know more than the other two and I am a mechanical mess.

    I thought I saw something in the ON a year or so ago that was talking about at BMW rider's center as part of the master dream plan.

    I still would support my dealer, but I remember riding my first PD100 across NW NM and driving after a rain storm and it cutting out. I thought for sure I was going to be a skeleton sitting beside the road come the dry season. It is just the basics. I don't want to learn to overhaul the engine, just change a tire and a few basics and do it with confidence.

    There are a lot of techie guys on this forum that I think like twisting wrenches as much as they like riding. I just want to know enough to get myself out of basic mechanical trouble when I decide to make that run one day to the Yucatan or Alaska.

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    Damn, I didn't recognize your name. We could have this techie day right in Watford.

    Ross can bring the beer. After he drinks a few, we'll practice on HIS bike.

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    You are the guy that probably knows more than us other three. Although we have an old BMW fan Dale H that has an older model.

    Ross bought a bullhorn at an auction today that has a siren. I had to tell him not to play the siren until after the cop went by.

    We need a techie day.

    I truly love that GSA. WE had a great ride to the Hills and the Deadwood jam last weekend. Rosco is getting to be a better and better rider. I still need him to consciously countersteer. But he is doing great.

    I am ready to ride to AK or Patagonia. I just need to quit my day job.

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