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Thread: BMW "Rocking Horse" Plans

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    BMW "Rocking Horse" Plans

    The next winter project is going to be a wooden hand crafted BMW rocking motorcycle for my grandson. Does anyone out there know where to find plans for same? Thanks, Glenn.

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    I sure like the idea.....but no plans....
    Jim Bud...

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    I have a catalog from Meisel (sp?), that has plans for a MC rocking horse. The only problem is that it's a Harley. However you could probably modify the plans to make it into a BMW.


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    Just design a wooden BMW then put rockers under it.

    For the bike, I'd suggest a side-view cutout with a flat bit for a seat and you can get creative with the handlebar. Run a cross-beam under each 'wheel' to connect to the rockers.

    Personally I think it should be a GS.
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    Here's a picture I came across... Harley, but could be adapted to a "generic" design rather easily.

    I would take The_Veg's approach, and go with the solid wooden body. This one looks like the forks and the sides of the tank are bolted on for depth; the bars are attached to the forks (maybe you could find a used motocross handlebar?); there is an instrument cluster secured to the top of the "tank"; and the seat is secured to the body of the primary wooden frame. All other details appear to be painted on.

    I would want to focus on making a secure base (this one looks great), and then on securing the tires to the base. If this is designed for a kid to play with, you don't want it to come apart when he gets rough with it.

    Perhaps using some 1/2" lag bolts (with washers) to bolt the tires on from underneath?

    Last, I would make it as small as possible. This makes for less weight and less leverage on the mounts.

    Good luck!

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    I used to build rocking horses. The one on the previous post looks pretty simple. I used to get 2 x 8 boards in ten foot lengths and then mark out a bunch of rockers on them and cut them out on the band saw. Then I would route the edges giving them a round look, brace them together and mount the horse. The rockers although probably not the most difficult part are fairly critical. You don't want them short enough that a child can rock themselves over. Take a look at a rocking chair if you don't have a plan for a rocking horse. Pretty much the same curve on the rocker part.


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    Not a BMW, but a motorcycle rocking horse plans here:

    Be inventive.

    Cool project.

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    This does look like a good one:

    The rockers are long and have stops at the ends.
    The structure is more sound with the additiona support beneath the seat.
    The design is "generic" (but you could make the v-twin into a boxer).

    This one does have a lot more detail, and will be a more involved project. You may want to buy the plans and then get creative as like Voni said...

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    Here's another from that same site...

    I hope you aren't planning any other winter projects.

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