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Thread: BMW Rallye GS1 - boots - NEW

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    BMW Rallye GS1 - boots - NEW

    These are new boots available from your local BMW dealership. Like most/all BMW products they are not "made" by BMW but outsourced from a 3rd party OEM.

    These look like they are made by SIDI given the external ankle protection/hinge. The inside with the lace-up tongue is like the Aerostitch combat touring boots. Thus the combination is supposed to be more off-road ready boots (vs. BMW's current offering which are a joke) but made for "adventure touring".

    Price at CalBMW was $275 which is steep but in the range of what you'd pay for boots from Sidi or Alpinestar. FWIW, I'm sticking w/my Alpinestars both the Vectors and the Tech 8's (which can't be beat). But for those BMW customers who own a GS yet have never been to another store other than their local dealer (or maybe even offroad) this is a product that I think will sell.

    More pictures on ADVrider via this link:


    David H. Park - Adventure and Enduro/off-road training w/BMW's Paris-Dakar pilot and Cycle World off-road editor
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