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Thread: Necessity is the mother of invention

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    Talking Necessity is the mother of invention

    Its getting brisk first thing in the morning around here...~40F...
    So until I figure out what shield to get...

    Dakar meets GS in a tape war...
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    Believe it or not, it works pretty good!
    I've only got the wind hitting my shoulders now.
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    Gotta' love that precision tape job...
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    1) -8 points for using masking tape. This is clearly a job for 200-mph tape! You're bordering on a Man-Card violation, there, Buddy.

    2) I thought this was going to be a Frank Zappa thread.

    3) Besides, as the man who knows all thing ingenuity related, Dr. Henry Petroski, says, failure is the true mother of invention.

    4) My favorite thing about your "Fairing, modified, field expedient, Mk. 0" is the clever use of Energizer D-cell batteries as spacers!
    I can't believe how incredulous I am.

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    1- I had no super duper tape at time of installation /inspiration.

    2.- Frank who?....Just kidding.

    3.- I have been wondering when this thing is going to strike me in the head @ speed.. But so far highway speeds and holding. Already Polizei inspected and laughed at...

    4.-Ha! You picked out the batteries!
    The perfect wedge i had laying around the garage at the time! changed out this afternoon at work with 1" PVC. Mass reduction - mass centralization in the works!
    Look out Buell...!

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    Wolverines released

    That is soooo ghetoo!


    Randy Kasal

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    Be careful. you are playing with fire.

    Don't you know that is where rat bikes start out from?
    Sig? What's a Sig?

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