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Thread: Additional running lights

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    Additional running lights

    Not sure if a "thread" is what's used here, but; Can anyone suggest a good brand/type of running light for mountain driving on my K75s w/ABS. The deer here can get jumpy on my way to work these mornings. Tangled with one on my R50 back in 1977 and don't want to push my luck. I think I'd like the caliper mount sort. Thanks ahead.

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    Motolights are well-known and good-quality halogen lights. You can get caliper mounts, too. However, they are not going to give you the most light for your money. If you really want to turn night into day, you should be looking for HIDs. Hella makes a set, as do other brands. You will not be able to mount them on your calipers but you'll sure see a lot.

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