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    Question upgraded tool kit

    I have a new 03 LT that will be used for cross country trips. I have two trips planned this year. My question is the upgraded tool kit that BMW offers. It is suppose to compliment the minimal standard tool kit. I have not found anyone who has actually seen it. Has anyone purchased and/or used it? Is this a useless accessory or well thought out addition? Is there a vital tool or tools that are not included and should be? I have been riding for over 38 years and normally assemble my own tool kits. I am no novice to mechanical repairs. BUT THIS IS MY FIRST BMW.
    Obviously I will not be doing a full blown rehaul on the road and do not want to haul 20 lbs of tools. But there is nothing worse then not having the right tool for repairable minor issues. Especially when you are in the middle of nowhere and where else do breakdowns happen? Been there and don't want to go there again, if I can help it. Would be very interested to hear from the long haulers who have put together a clean, concise BMW tool/parts kit.
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    Some of us over at have upgraded our toolkits to include a few other items. I carry spare shift linkage parts (a small investment that will help you if your shift linkage comes apart in the middle of nowhere), a Stop&Go Tire Plugger kit, and a small 12v air pump. I've also upgraded from the standard toolroll to a Helen2Wheels toolroll to store my toolkit.

    There are over 4200 LT owners over at and I am sure they can share their experiences as well.

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    Thanks for replying. I have always carried a tire kit and airpump, would not travel without them. Your suggestion on the shift linkage parts is exactly the information I am looking for. I assume that this is a weak link on the bike? I have also posted on the other site you recommended. As this is my first BMW, I am more then willing to listen to those that have been further down the road on the LT then I have.



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    supplemental tool kit new KGT

    Does anyone know what is inluded in the kit for the new Gt?
    I had one for the RT and I wondered if it is very different.

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    Quote Originally Posted by roadrider
    ... But there is nothing worse then not having the right tool for repairable minor issues...
    I'd like to add that a good way to know if you've got the right tools is to use the toolkit as the first option for routine maintenance and service. The garage is a lot better place to find out you don't have a tool, or the one you're got is not up to the job.
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