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Thread: R27 float adjustment??

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    R27 float adjustment??

    One of my R27 appears like the float needs to be raised some as to iddle I have to keep the gas level slightly above the level that the float shuts the flow off.....If I push the tickler one quick time the bike usually starts on the first kick and run fine for about 20 seconds and then sputter and die...if I hit the tickler at about the time it starts to slow it will run on for abour another 20 seconds....I can keep pressing the tickler for a very breif time and it will run until I stop. I guess my question is..can the float be raised a bit? And if not where else should I look? Thanks in advance, Charles

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    I have no specific knowledge of the R27 carb and float...but on my /2, I have found that holding the tickler down for a count of 5 is what it needs to start first or second kick. I might have to quickly hit each tickler another time soon after the bike starts. I'm wondering if your "one quick time" is not enough...try a count of 2 or 3 and see what happens.
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