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Thread: Natchez Trace

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    Natchez Trace

    I am leaving Michigan Saturday morning 9/22 and am wondering if anyone living along the trace can give me advice concerning weather for the following week and route planning. Please post or PM me, it will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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    Natchez Trace

    Sorry, I may have put the last post in the wrong forum, I don't know how to move it so I hope the Moderator places it where it should be. Thanks to the Moderator.

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    It's probably too late now, but the weather here is nice, but they are calling for rain. We need it bad.

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    i moved it over to ride reports for you. you should get a little more visibility.

    also, consider sticking a few of the towns along the way into and they can show you a ten day forecast. this time of year i'd check it every 3-4 days, but it should be fairly accurate.

    have a good ride, it's a nice road.

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