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Thread: Photo Assignment: Weekend 9/15/07

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    Hi r11rs94. Nice to put a face to a name. Looks like a rally, sitting under a Welty and BSing or kibitzing or whatever adjective you prefer. Heard this rally was a good time.

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    A Selection From Morning Reads

    11 tips for beginning photographers <- Check Out This Link

    Be sure to read the complete article. Which one has produced the best results for you?

    For me it is #3. #8 is a close second. Just got a new camera the Canon S5. It is a lot more than a P&S and has a lot of "stuff" like an electronic viewfinder.

    The 11 are

    1. Don‘«÷t go crazy buying the most expensive equipment right away.

    2. Consider a tripod.

    3. Keep your camera with you all the time.

    4. Make a list of shots you‘«÷d like to get.

    5. Don‘«÷t overlook mundane subjects for photography.

    6. Enjoy the learning process.

    7. Take advantage of free resources to learn.

    8. Experiment with your camera‘«÷s settings.

    9. Learn the basic rules.

    10. Take photos regularly.

    11. Don‘«÷t be afraid to experiment.

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    Thanks for this cool list, Paul. I agree with each of these, but I like #3 the best.

    In another lifetime, when I sold camera equipment in retail stores, people would come regularly and ask, "Which is the best camera?" (For context, this question is very similar to "which is the best motorcycle?".

    I would always answer, "The one you have with you."

    This is one of the strongest claims for so-called point-and-shoot cameras. Perhaps a better term is "compact camera." I've heard nothing but great things about the Canon S5. I hope you really enjoy it.

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    Stop and say hello

    I'll add a #12

    Carry small notebook and use it to record names of people in shot.

    Funny story here. At the national rally Visian said, "Go Forth and Take Pictures." So I came back with a hundred or so. And then Visian said, "Who are these people?"

    I didn't know, he only said, Take Pictures!.

    So now I write down how is in the picture. The first thing I write down is the time the shot was taken. That helps later with identification. Of course you have to be sure your camera and watch agree at the outset.

    Funny thing. When you stop and write down the names of the people you meet a lot of new friends like the Gil brothers from the Ocean State. You meet the nicest people when you stop and say hello.

    My notebook is a 2007 pocket calendar with extra sheets for data. Small, compact and it even came with a fine point pen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PAULBACH View Post
    Any comments about #32?

    I thought it is a strong composition.

    The long rural roads leads the eye.

    Would like to see same shot with airhead blurred and road in sharp focus. Not sure which would be better. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
    Hi Paul,

    The reason I picked this photo:

    It was shot on a $150 Canon A610, on Auto

    The photo was not one of my best or favorite photo of the weekend, but we have to remember that this is not a "Photo of the Week"contest or even any kind of photo contest.

    I picked this photo, as well as my second submittal last week was because I was not content with the photo. My feeling are the better the camera and the more seasoned the person behind the camera, the more critical the comment can be. I would just as well have someone question a photo, as praise a photo. I like to hear other opinions other than "nice photo" because the comment will make me think the next time I try this scene.

    Tom has this set up as a English/photo assignment. I need to home in my story telling.

    I took about 30 photo of this bike/hill. Most all of my photos I do multi exposure, focus, and composition. I could not pick one photo over the other that I liked. I normally will just delete the extra photos.

    Photo above
    Wisconsin Rustic Road # 78.

    In the last year and a half, I have done thousands of Wisconsin photos. I don't have to compose as much any more. I just redo the scene that I have done before. I take photo as part of my riding fun.

    The image I took last week, was similar to an image I took last summer on the Trans Labrador Highway. Some of the differences were that I know it will be a long time before I go back to Labrador, but the Wisconsin scene I travel by a few times a year and will be-do it again. This Wisconsin Valley was less than a mile long, and I want to make it look longer with the gravel in the foreground. I am a gravel rider, and sometimes I like to see the type of road surface I am riding. No two gravel sections are the ever the same composition.

    Photo below
    July 2006 Trans Labrador Highway

    I also liked these photos I shot last weekend:

    Rustic Road #59

    Rustic Road #59

    Bracket shot from my tent on Saturday morning

    The granite notch on Rustic Road 78
    Jim Klas
    BMW MOA Ambassador
    Enjoy the travel photos at:

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    Because of where I work, I am not allowed to have a camera with me. They don't even like Cell Phone cameras, but will make an exception. I have seen so many great 'Kodak Moments' riding back and forth to work. One afternoon there was a spectacular late afternoon sky, and me with no way to take a shot. Durn it!
    '85 K100 "ZoomZoomZoom"
    '71 R75/5 "Zippy"

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    Is that a Berghoff Bock?

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