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Thread: Photo Assignment: Weekend 9/15/07

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    Photo Assignment: Weekend 9/15/07

    OK, let's keep this rolling. Last week's assignment turned out great, with quite a few people willing to share their work and give all of us an opportunity to learn a thing or two (myself included).

    Let's review the rules:

    --Photos have to be shot this weekend, Fri, Sat, or Sun.
    --You must provide the EXIF information if asked (we'll help you, if you'd like to know how to get it)
    --No photoshop alteration (we're looking to improve your skills with your camera, not software)
    --Your photograph must adhere to the theme, which will be described below.
    --Post your photos in this thread only. DO NOT start a thread in reply to this assignment.
    --Post only one photo per post, so that commentary can be easily provided for that photo.
    --And, the most important rule - Have Fun! We're looking to spread the joy that many of us derive from taking pictures, particularly ones that tell a story of some kind.

    This week's theme: "Where I Want to Be."

    This could be a location, a stage in life, what you want to become. . . . Or many other interpretations. (You have NO IDEA how hard it is to think of a theme!) I hope it is open to innumerable interpretations, motorcycle and otherwise.

    Photography ends Sunday at Midnight. Please post your photos no later than Wednesday, midnight--try for earlier.

    I am in need of a celebrity co-commentator. PM me if you are interested. I'll be at the Beemer Bash until Sunday, so you won't hear from me until then.

    Good luck and happy shooting!

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    Cool. In again.

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    Excellent! Hopefully I can find a good shot this weekend at the Beemers and Brats Rally. Thanks for doing this - helping me learn to take better photos!

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    I got nothing.

    My suggestion for next weeks theme: Change of seasons.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Statdawg View Post
    Josh, I am not sure Polaroids can be submitted.
    DOH! Well, then I guess I have nothing to submit for this week.

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    C'mon - there's gotta be some folks out there who did some shooting this weekend. Let's see them!!!!

    I'll throw one of mine in from Friday:

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    Don't forget to read through last weeks thread for some helpful hints regarding

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    Where I want to be

    For this photo, I was laying on the gravel roadway, when, the local game warden pulls up. I get up to greet the young gent. He asked me if I was listening for buffalo. Then he told me the roadway makes a sharp left and travels through a granite notch. I told him thanks. That is where I want to be.

    Note: see the photos of the notch and the rest of the weekend here:

    "More Photos"
    Jim Klas
    BMW MOA Ambassador
    Enjoy the travel photos at:

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