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Thread: A rant on the local Honda dealer.

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    A rant on the local Honda dealer.

    For the past few years, we've been mail ordering tires, pulling the wheels on our bikes and taking them to the local Honda dealer for mounting. It's been a nice easy process and they only charged $25 per wheel.

    About a month ago, I took my hubby's tires over and they charged me $40 per wheel. They explained that they can order any tires and be competitely priced so if you don't buy the tires there, they will charge more.

    Now I need tires and I figured I'd let them order them. As it turns out, the tires were $20 more for each one but with mounting and balancing it came to only $10 more than I would have paid so I figured I'd support the local guy.

    Tonight, I went to drop the bike off. The service guy asks for the make and model then tells me, "Oh, sorry, we can't install tires on other brands anymore." WHAT??? Like you couldn't have told me this a week ago when I went through the whole process of ordering them? It's not like they didn't ask me then what I was riding!

    As editor of our local club's newsletter, whose members shop there on occasion, you can be sure I'll be writing more about this. I also made them refund my money for the tires that were ordered and paid for. They weren't too happy about that. So they will be holding on to them or eating the cost. What BS!

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    that sure makes no sense.

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