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Thread: '93 K1100RS: considering buying...any advice?

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    '93 K1100RS: considering buying...any advice?


    i'm looking into a used '93 K1100RS with 22,000 mi.
    i've owned boxer's now and before and only test ridden a k once before so i don't know very much about these beemer.

    any advice as what to look for, maintenace issue's for this model and mileage, etc.

    thanks in advance...

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    Header bolts need to be checked for tightness once in a while, prone to coming loose I hear. Splines need serviced at about 40K or so. How was it maintained? If it was by the book you have no worries. They're pretty bullet proof.
    I don't know what kind of climate you live in but be advised that you are very protected by the fairing and A LOT of heat comes up around and through the tank! It feels good when it's cold but over 90 it can be stifling.
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    Thoughts and a link

    Tips on buying a BMW including the K series you are considering.

    I have a first generation 1985 K100RS. The heat off a RS is not as bad as the more fully faired LT. There are countless threads on how to reduce the heat.

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    The tank is aluminum and gets hot in the summer sun just like the hood of a parked car. I have a K100RS, predecessor to the K1100RS, and I have never noticed excessive heat that so many talk about. The bike is rock solid and almost bullet proof.

    The K1100RS is a great bike. If I were in the market for another BMW K bike, the K1100RS would be my first choice.

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    Cool Go for it!!

    Hydranyc, Go for it! That is low miles for the bike. I have a '93, bought 2 years ago with 36K. It's been great! I will echo the heat issue, especially here W. coast, but I am smiling too much to give that a negative. I will also tell you that the speedo problems you hear about can be a real pain, mine has died, but with help from this board I was able to get it working again. Most shops are not working them now. My issue was a loose trigger ring in the final drive. Zoom Zoom, HOWL... is not just Mazda! KC

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