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Thread: How do I post a picture? Try 2mb or less sizing

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    Pictures can come from most anywhere- phone, laptop or iPad.
    Check the posting above and give it a try.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Moto316 View Post
    Do the pictures have to be stored on a photo hosting site? I have mine on my computer and I keep getting the message "Upload of file failed" Not sure what I am doing wrong? It is very cumbersome to try and read through 60 pages of possible solutions.
    Your file size is probably too large.
    I always reduce my picture file size before uploading to a forum.
    For the width I use 1200 or less.

    On a Windows computer I right click on my picture thumbnail and select Edit, then Resize.
    Select Pixel
    I use less than 1200 for horizontal if it's in Landscape and less than 900 if in Portrait.

    I use the the square icon with a tree in it to attach my picture.
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    tiff image?

    Tiff did not work. this is jpeg;;
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    Yeah, TIFF formats are not specifically called out, but jpg or jpeg are most common.
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