OK, so you've got some cool pictures from that nifty digital camera, but you can't get them posted here because they're too big.

So how the heck do you get them to a size that'll allow you to post?

1. Get yourself a copy of IrfanView. It's free and you can get it at www.irfanview.com.

2. Fire up Irfanview and open your image.

3. Select Image>Resize & Resample

4. Select 72dpi and a size of about 300dpi across or so. Be sure to leave the little "preserve aspect ratio" box checked so your image doesn't get distorted.

5. Save your photo using File>Save As. This will keep you from changing your original file and will give you a nice one to put up on the web.

6. When you post your message, use the Attach File item, but don't preview your message! vBulletin, our forum software, will drop your attachment if you do.

Want to practice? Use this thread to do that. We'll keep it stickied so it's always here.