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Thread: Arizona Ride Advice

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    Thumbs up Forget the Grand Canyon; go ride Jerome-Mingus Mtn.!

    My all-time favorite mc ride in the USA has to be Jerome to/towards Prescott---at least the incredible long and tight twisty from Jerome up the bare side of Mingus Mountain---it's 2nd and 3rd gear stuff all the way up with great visibility for oncoming traffic. After you reach the summit it's not quite as thrilling and it staightens out once you descend to the valley below. But, oh, what a road!

    You might want to drop your wife and baggage at one of the B&Bs or hotels in town and make the run solo up and back a couple of times beforehand...

    Jerome is perched halfway up the side of Mingus and there are superb views of the Verde Valley below. Sedona and Cottonwood are also close by and the whole area is great to see on two wheels.

    My 2c worth; have fun! Jeff

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    Grand Canyon Reservations

    If you don't already have reservations to stay in the Grand Canyon you need to plan on staying someplace where you can drive in. Unless you can snag a cancellation, you aren't going to be able to spend the night at the south rim. But if you do make it be sure to get up at dawn and watch the sun rise light up the canyon.

    Plan on riding in to the canyon either very early morning or late in the afternoon. The lines at the entrances were quite long when I left last spring shortly before noon.

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    One more question......Arizona ride

    Thanks for all the great advice....I pretty much have a route laid out. Has anyone out there done the ride going east on AZ 265 from Moanave to Ganado? It look like a good road on the map....but then you never can tell until you get there. This route crosses the Hopi and Navajo reservations. Any advice would be appreciated.

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    One of my regrets in life is that I wasn't a rider when I lived in Arizona for those 9 years. So many good roads and great riding weather year round...
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