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Thread: Rode Today

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    Rode Today

    No pictures but all you snowbound folks will be happy to know I rode to work a couple of days this week. It was actually made possible more by having organisational-type work to do this week than by the weather. I usually work at client sites and have to carry too much stuff to ride. Today was sunny and over 70, and windy as hell. Rode into the wind going home and at freeway speed it was such a strong blast that I'm sure cage drivers could make out my ribs through the jacket.
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    No disrespect intended, but it must suck to be you. Around here we've had some of the snow melting and some rain, but right now it's snowing again. I did get to ride a few miles the other day, just enough to ease the itch a bit. I'll gladly trade some wind for the slop we're getting right now. Snow on top of rain, and falling temps. Think spring!
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    We are happy here in the midwest to have 45 degrees and hurricane force winds this time of year. I would do back flips for 70 degree weather right now. I would ride out in the country and find a nice place to park, and soak up some warmth from the sun. There are still large piles of snow from plowing, even after a week of above freezing temps, but the snow is back as of tonight
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    Heading to Atlanta tommorrow for my 6k service, which is approximately 1hr 45min from where I live. Supposed to be a high of 60degrees. Saw a bunch of bikes on the road today as I was heading home from the Atlanta area. We haven't had a severe winter so far, but I've been lucky to get 500 miles over the last 2 months.

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