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Thread: Looking forward to exceeding the "speed limit" . . .

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    Looking forward to exceeding the "speed limit" . . .

    Earlier this week I took a short afternoon ride out toward our local road course, Summit Point Raceway, to see if I could get a handle on the progress the owners are making with the new circuit they are building. As it turned out, I got a closer look than I had anticipated getting. You see, they left the gates open . . .

    Look past the bike and you'll see a snow-covered recreation of the Nurburgring's famous Karussell Turn, the banked concrete left-hander. Summit Point's owner dispatched a survey team off to the Fatherland to take exact measurements. I'm told cars will use it but a bypass will be built for bikes.

    In the above picture my bike is actually parked in the middle of the straight that leads into the concrete bowl. Head down the straight (the wrong way) away from the Karussell, stop, turn 180 degrees, and this is your view (my bike had been parked up near those tractors):

    Turn left from the above pic and you'll see what appears to be a new pit area:

    Let's ride down that way, shall we?

    Gas it up through the little mud mog and you'll find yourself on pit straight. Where are the umbrella babes?

    This corner looks promising, although I don't know if I'm facing the correct direction . . .

    More curvage . . .

    I didn't want to push my luck, so I didn't spend much time on the new track.

    So back home I rode. It was a lovely President's Day.

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    Outstanding! Good to see you riding again, man.
    Dave Swider
    Marin County, CA

    Some bikes. Some with motors, some without.

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    Nice one! And thanks for the advance look--I won't tell
    a soul


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    Beautiful stuff.
    You're always putting up some of my favorite posts.

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    Thanks for the compliments, fellas.

    I'm not sure when they plan to open the new track but I'll be signing up for a trackday there as soon as I can. The layout looks to be relatively tight and twisty, perfect for the GS.

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    Nice job.

    Your pre-view and study will give you one up on your competition come track day.
    Excellent report. A+
    (I just love seeing ride reports with SNOW in them.)

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