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Thread: R1200S owners

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    R1200S owners

    I've noticed not many R1200S owners on the site. I would like to hear some input about the bike, the ride, the problems, etc.

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    No problem here

    So far no problem with mine. Runs like a top but then I am not an Iron Butt rider and tend to ride it in a more conservative fashion than it was designed.

    Have Jesse bags and the bike is a champ.

    Taking it to the Finger Lakes Rally this weekend and just got back from Salty Fog rally in Nova Scotia.

    Maybe no news is good news

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    Quote Originally Posted by PAULBACH View Post
    Have Jesse bags and the bike is a champ.

    you have an R1200S with jesse bags paul

    believe it or not, i saw a R1100S with jesses on it about 4 miles from the Rally this summer

    looked really cool but i'm curious about clearance

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    I've had mine 1 week. I love it. It's the most sport bike like bike I've ever had, but I feel like I could ride it for many miles at a time. I like that it's light and handles, and I like the boxer engine. And I think it's the nicest looking bike bmw makes at the present.

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    Enjoyed an R1100S for five years. Sold it for an R1200S last autumn. There's a special thoughtfulness with these bikes. In a way they are the thinking person's sporting ride. Can hang with anything on the fun roads and it can take you to the next time zone for more of the same. The Ohlins factory option takes an already confident ride to another level. Never a reliability problem with the 11S. Same with the 12S.

    Subjectively, believe the appearance is top shelf. The underseat exhaust combined with a single-sided swingarm spinning a deep dish rear wheel is mesmorizing to behold... especially for those following. One doesn't see many of these bikes. Personally, kinda like this. In the back of my mind however is a hope BMW continues the model despite low volume. BMW doesn't produce many of them. My dealer would like to order more but can't get any. There hasn't been an R1200S on his sales floor all summer. It really is a special bike and those owning one know it to be so.

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    grown-up bike

    I keep telling everyone it's my first "grown-up" bike. After numerous jap bikes and Ducs I settled on the R1200S. It's the first bike I've ever owned that I just want to go ride.

    Wife and I have been going on trips using it as a sport tourer, I put a Garmin Zumo on it and attach a "Race-Pack" for longer trips.

    Will change the oil in about two weeks at the 3000 mile mark.

    Any advice on Synthetic vs BMW regular grade?

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    This Spring, webBikeWorld posted an excellent "how-to" on the subject of properly breaking-in a new motorcycle engine, to include a discussion about oil and oil changes. Having followed the author's advice, and highly pleased with the results, I'd recommend adopting his method and procedure.

    The direct web link is: Hope this helps!
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    GREAT Bike!

    Unfortunately this bike has not experienced great sales success - but it is a great bike! In the last few years I have owned a R1150GS, R1200C Phoenix, K1200GT, R1100S, K1200RS and a R1200GS Adventure. I have also owned or currently own various Yamaha R1's, a Kawasaki ZRX 1200R, a Yamaha FJR 1300 and a Honda Valkyrie. My BMW inventory currently includes a XChallenge and the R1200S. The long list of bikes I've owned illustrates the challenges of bike addiction but is also meant to shed some light on the breadth of exposure I've had to various machines. I will eventually have my inventory whittled down to one machine - and it will be the R1200S. This bike handles very well in the twisties (in fact I can ride it faster than my R1), it is supremely stable (never feels like it will punish your riding weaknesses), has power where and when you need it in the real world and it can take you from here to there with more comfort than any other sport(ish) bike on the market. Most importantly, this bike just makes me want to ride. If you ride a lot of slab or two-up - this probably isn't the machine for you. It makes too many compromises for the sport equation in the category. However, if your average riding days include a mix of slab and secondary twisties (less than 350 miles per day), and you want to do that riding at above average pace in above average style, the R1200S does not have any competition (IMHO).

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    Thumbs up

    As per the others, a definite vote for the R1200s. It is a motorcycle for refined tastes. I go for day and weekend trips mostly but did get out this year to the Cabot Trail. Previously owned a 01 VFR. The S, is absolutely fantastic. I would not hesitate to take it on a week long trip. The ergos will surprise you. On my VfR, I had heli bars, and even with the lower stock bars on the S, I find it more comfortable. It is supremely balanced, wind pressure, screen height, and also a tank that you can squeeze to properly balance yourself. I plan to ride cross the country on it. The ONLY thing is the seat. You will feel you have sat on a wedge. It's for hanging off, not for sport touring. Looking to get that done this winter. Otherwise it's absolutely top shelf. (What other sports bike has the character, looks, sound, heated grips and available hard luggage?) You need some miles and experience to appreciate this ride for what it is. Cheers.

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    Way in front of you...


    I bought my 2007 R1200S as a Christmas present to myself. I love it!

    My last few mounts include R1, ZX10R, Tuono 1000R (many, many more if I go back further). This is my first BMW. When I saw this bike (a friend bought one), I just could not get it out of my mind. I had to own one and I don't regret the purchase one bit.

    Mine is yellow with Ohlins, wide rear wheel, heated grips, ABS option. This one is definitely a keeper. I can ride it all day long (did a 500 mile day last ride) and just keep rolling.

    Too bad it is not a more popular model, but then it's nice to have something you don't see everyday. Any others out there in Dallas area?

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    cya there.
    Ride Safe, Ride Lots

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    thanks for the link.

    Everytime I pull in the garage I see my "s" and wifes bike just sitting there. The winters seem to get longer and longer and our tolerance for cold less and less.

    Looking forward to retiring in 15 years

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    Quote Originally Posted by larrydk View Post
    Everytime I pull in the garage I see my "s" and wifes bike just sitting there. The winters seem to get longer and longer and our tolerance for cold less and less.
    Reminds me of the definition of "cold". It is when the temperature is below your age .

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    Cool Jack Frost

    Quote Originally Posted by sfarson View Post
    Reminds me of the definition of "cold". It is when the temperature is below your age .
    No wonder I've been feeling so childish, lately. With temps approaching the single digits here in Denver (Fs not Cs), been happily commuting back and forth the 15 miles on my R-1200S.

    Clearly, that's one way to get a smile frozen to your face, since I don't use electrics. Parked outside during the day, I'm still amazed how quickly it jumps to life at the quick push of a button.


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    Talking R12S Wonderful

    I add my endorsement to the rest. Fantastic bike. Got mine after my 94 R11RS wire harness burned (also owned and K75S, and K11RS). After waiting 3 months plus for a new harness, I saw my Black R12S on the show room floor on one of my weekly "when will I get my bike back visits". Test road it the next day and was wowed.

    Ditto wide rear tire, Ohlin suspension comments. This bike is planted and scoots. Rear tire is good for ~ 2500 mi, front goes to 3,500, at least the way I ride.

    Power band is wide and flat. No need to shift, just twist. But shifting is fun, and the transmission is such a huge improvement over the R11's good riddance to the BMW box-o-rock transmissions. I can run my local mountain twisty (Mt Lemon, Tucson AZ) in any gear from 2nd to 6th depending on how much I want to terrorize the tourists.

    Added a Remus exhaust (supplied by my bide as a Christmas gift) and now it sounds as good as it looks. Removable baffles give some control on volume.

    Also added a Marsee Mimi-Max strapped to the rear seatlet for storage on necessities, as under seat storage if a joke. They should have nixed the passenger seat and provided some storage, at least as an option.

    I road a R12RT rental recently and was unimpressed with the detached feel and comparative lack of power. I dont understand why the more powerful R12S engine didnt find its way in to the RT and ST. It is tremendously tractable and possesses no peaky or finicky traits that would be offensive in a touring bike, and would it make both bikes more competitive, and more importantly more fun.

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