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Thread: First Long Solo Trip - Nova Scotia

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    First Long Solo Trip - Nova Scotia

    I know its not long by some standards but to me it is. I decided to head off to Nova Scotia for a week. I will post a day at a time.

    Day 1
    Friday August 17, 2007

    I hit the road around 9:30. I had to stop for gas then I was off. My side cases and duffle were loaded to the gills with camping gear and food for a few days. I head out toward Greenwich on Rt 29 and took that to 22. I took 22 to cr-26 and went into VT. Before I knew it I was in Dorest VT. I hopped on RT 30 in VT which is a fantastic road. It goes past a few lakes, rolling up and down hills, and has a fair amount of twists.
    While riding along I came across this at a repair shop.

    Then I took 125 which is another nice road but I was stuck behind a pickup for all 20 miles or so of the road. At noontime I stopped for gas and had a cliff bar and some water. There was a small group of Harley guys there. They didn't even acknowledge me. Oh well. After my snack off I went. The rest of the trip toward Mount Washington was uneventful and took a while since there was construction. Then it was into NH. I stopped in Bethlehem NH for gas again and to take a break. I'd been going about 200 miles pretty much non-stop. I had a breakfast bar and I bought a Starbucks coffee drink and a liter of water for my camelback. I took Rt 302 also known as the Kacamuncus Scenic By-Way . As I motorcycling road its just okay. Its not super twisty and its packed with cars. However, the views are amazing and since it was my first trip on that road so I took in the sites and enjoyed it. I stopped to take some pics of Mt Washington and the Mount Washinton Resort.

    Then it was onto Rt 16 to head for Mt. Washington Auto Road. I got there about 3:45. I paid the toll and got my bumper sticker. Then it was time for the 8 miles road to the top. Its less dirt than I remembered. They must have paved more of it. It was pretty cool on top. It was in the low 40s. The views were great. I took some pics then hit the road.

    I was hoping to make it to Maine to set up camp before dark. I arrived where I had initially planned to camp abound 5:30 but I didn't feel like stopping and I wanted to drive until around 6:30. I stopped for gas again in Bethel ME. As I was paying for my gas a guy asked me how I liked my S. I was surprised as most people don't recognize the S. He asked where I was heading and I told him NS. He said he has been there a bunch of times. He gave me some tips of things to do and things to watch out for. He said to stay at the Waverly Inn in Halifax. Its supposed to be close to the Citadel. His name was Mike and I guess he used to own a BMW up until last year. As I was talking to him it started to rain so I closed the vents on my jacket. We said our goodbyes and he gave me his card. His name is Mike and he owns a European specialty motorcycle repair shop. I head out again along route 2 and found a camp ground in Farmington Maine about 30 miles away. It alternated between pouring and a drizzle. When I got about 7 miles away it really started raining and it was beginning to thunder and lightning. The thought of setting up camp in a storm and having to bring my soaking wet gear into my tent was not appealing. I really was looking forward to camping but not in that. There was a motel across the street so I pulled up and asked how much for a room. $49?! Sold I will take it! I pulled up to my room, number 13 but the number on the door is 31 even though its between rooms 12 and 14, odd.
    Thats Milts Harley parked next to my S. He and his wife are from Ontario and are traveling up to Nova Scotia as well. I thought about riding with him the next day until he said he didn't have to get home until winter. I think was on a tighter schedule than that.

    So I dragged my wet gear in and changed into dry clothes. I cooked myself some ramin pride and watched some tube. I was still hungry so I decided to walk to the Wal-Mart about a quarter mile away. I bought some pinwheel sandwiches and some Ben&Jerrys for dessert. Then it was time for am early bed. I wanted to be on the road at 6am the next morning.

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    Talking Nova Scotia Day 2

    Saturday August 18, 2007
    Well I woke up around 5 and unfortunately it was still raining. So I made some oatmeal and had the rest of my pinwheel from the previous night. I was thinking waiting until later in the morning to get going so I could see if the rain would let up. However I checked the weather and it was supposed to rain on and off all day. So I thought I could get wet later and lose 3 hours of riding time, or get wet now and get riding. So that's what I decided. I packed up the bike and got moving. Today was the day the new Garmin 2730 with XM and the MP3 player would prove its worth. I don't normally like listening to music while I ride, but the music helped the pass the time. I was hoping to make it to St John or so for the day. However, when I made the border at 10, I was thinking I could perhaps make the southern end of Cape Breton.
    The border bridge at Calais Maine.

    It was still 478 miles from the border and I had already ridden 180 or so miles. I decided I would give it a shot. I stopped in St Stephen, New Brunswick for breakfast/ early lunch at the Red Rooster.

    I had the breakfast special with eggs, homefries, toast and bacon. Apparently up there you have a choice of bacon, sausage, ham, or baloney. Baloney? After breakfast I got back on the road. As I was riding it hit me. I was doing it. I was finally doing the trip I'd been talking about for 10 years. Solo no less. I just stuck to the highway since it was raining and I wasn't in the mood for site seeing in the rain. I made it to St John in no time and it cleared up so I keep going to Moncton. I kept going. I would stop every 100 or so miles for a quick break and gas. Finally near Pictou I looked on the GPS for a place to stay near Port Hawkesbury Cape Breton. I found a place that had small one room cabins and it was 20 miles past Port Hawkesbury. So on I went, on, and on, and on. At first it seemed cool because it was farther than I had ever gone in a day. Then it just began to drag on. It was raining really hard. I finally got to Port Hawkesbury. Then it was just 30 more miles to my cabin and the rain was letting up.
    I stopped along Bras d'Or Lake to take a picture. I didn't take many today.

    I finally got there and there were no cabin. The place was supposed to be in Inverness but I was in Whycocomagh. What's going on? So I called the place. They were by Cheticamp! Ahhh! That's on the other end of the island 60 kilometers away! So off I went again and of course it started pouring. Then it got dark. It was raining so hard I was getting wet through my jacket. I finally pulled in at around 8pm their time. I had been riding 13 hours with only a half hour break and over 600 miles. The woman took pity on me and sent me to my cabin and said we could do the paper work in the morning. So I got to my cabin, it was a small one room place but it was warm and dry. I took and hot shower and hung up my gear. I made not one but two packages of delicious Ramen Pride. I also made myself some hot tea. That hit the spot. I was so sore I ached all over. Then I got into bed my hands were just throbbing. I fell asleep in seconds.

    Here's a picture of my cabin the next morning

    The Tiny Kitchenette

    From the Outside

    More to come tomorrow...

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    Exclamation make sure u explore all

    Check our wreck cove great little cabins cheap rent great place for a home base

    and stay over night in Cheicamp make sure ou go to the pub for the acadian entertanment

    Mike Richard love that area

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    Unhappy Nova Scotia Day 3 - The day of dispair

    Sunday August 19, 2007
    I woke up around 7 and I could hear the wind outside and it didn't look very nice out. I was nice and warm. Dry too. I was contemplating staying in the cabin another day and just checking out Cheticamp for the day. I decided to give a couple guys a call from the BMW MOA since they were getting together in Larry's River for the Salty Fog Ride and were going to ride the Cabot Trail too. I gave Touringo a call and told him I was in Cheticamp. They were going to head to Baddeck for lunch. They would be traveling with a green K-bike towing a trailer and two yellow GSs. So I decided to hook up with them and ride up the Cabot Trail to Meat Cove since I wanted to camp there too.
    I packed up and checked out of my cabin. I took a couple pictures on the coast of Cheticamp along the Gulf of St Lawrence.

    I arrived in Baddeck around 11:30 so I decided to check out the Alexander Graham Bell Musuem. I parked up on the hill and walked around.

    There was a pretty cool yacht on Bras d'Or Lake across the way.

    I was a little hungry so I went over to the Tea Room to get some tea and I got a cookie too. Lots of tea rooms in Nova Scotia I noticed. So I chilled out for about an hour then I started to wonder if I missed the other guys. So I drove back down to the main drag and I stopped by the visitor center and looked around. I asked about Meat Cove and checked out a couple shops. It was almost 1:30 and I was thinking I must have missed them. I was just about to put on my helmet and get ready and I saw a Beemer round the corner, and there were the two yellow GSs. It had to be them.

    This is Bob with the Glasses, Ron looking at a map, and Mary.

    Here Paul parking his GS

    Apparently they took a "short cut" across some dirt roads that added about 45 minutes onto their trip.

    We decided to get some lunch. We ate at some Asian Fish Fry joint. It seemed very bizarre. I got the burger and fries, I think everyone else but Paul had fish fry while he had Chinese food.

    We finished up and hit the road for the Cabot Trail. Bob led the way followed by the two GSs then me bringing up the rear. Not too long into the ride I began to realize what all the commotion on the Cabot Trail is about.

    Goofing around at one of the rest stops

    The views just kept coming

    We kept on riding as we were heading for Meat Cove to camp for the night. We were trying to find some beer for the evening but the stores are few and far between up there. We stopped at Ingonish for gas and finally at Cape North at a small general store. We all bought a little something to eat. I picked up some Chicken soup and a sandwich. Bob and Mary bought stuff for good ol' PB&J while Ron and Paul both bought sandwiches,however, no beer. So off we went toward Meat Cove.

    I have to say the road to Meat Cove wasn't nearly as rugged as people made it out to be. Only the last 8 km was dirt the rest is paved although it is bumpy.
    The view on the way to Meat Cove

    The sign says it all!

    We took some pictures of the bikes

    Then, as we were about to remount , I noticed something, something missing.

    Can you spot what it is? Thats right! My left saddle bag is missing! Ahhhh!!! Where is it? It must have come off somewhere along the along the Cabot Trail.
    I decided I needed to go back to look for it. Ron said he would go with me. We ran back to Cape North my eyes quickly scanning all points on the road, hoping to see my lost case. Nothing. I called the Highlands Park service and filed a lost and found report. Then dejected Ron and I headed back to Meat Cove. I appreciated Rob doubling back with me to far. I was pretty bummed out. Not only are those cases expensive but it had my clothes in it so I had nothing to change into once at camp.

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    Unhappy Nova Scotia Day 3 - The day of dispair PART II

    One the way back we came across a "small" moose in the road. I kept riding and he got all confused and just kept running up the road. I finally stopped and he walked off into the woods. Bye Mr. Moose, thanks for not running into my S.
    The sun was getting low in the sky.

    Finally Meat Cove comes into view.

    Who needs a GS.

    My S finally makes it to the camp ground. It was pretty cool there.

    Note the not so happy look on my face

    We all set up camp and we had some food

    I know I keep saying it but look at the views!

    Its probably a 50 foot drop down those cliffs

    If you look close you can see a tent out there on that rock. Thats a little too exposed for me!

    A couple guys from Boston were there from Boston on some Triumphs. They have a thread on Adventure Rider going about thier "little Nova Scotia tour."

    Ron was the fire master and got a great fire going.

    Then we all settled down for some caveman TV and shot the breeze.

    After a while it started rainig, then it started to rain really hard. It became quite a storm. We all retreated to out tents and that was it for the day. I was pretty bummed about losing a saddlebag and my clothes. I was also bummed to be stuck in the clothes I was wearing. I needed to find a store, hopefully tomorrow.
    Stay Tuned, more to come...

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    It all looks so familiar!

    Nice shots. Looking forward to next post.

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    Nova Scotia Day 4

    Day 4
    Monday August 20, 2007
    I woke up around 5am after making it through the big thunder and lightening storm from the night before. I got out of my tent and the sun was coming up. I heard Paul about as well. I think we were the only two awake. I noticed the sun coming up so I took a picture of the sunrise.

    We all decided we were going to eat breakfast on the road so I didn't bother cooking anything. I did make some coffee on the JetBoil for Paul and I. Paul kept calling me MacGyver because I kept showing up with a variety of items like a folding saw, Leatherman, and then the JetBoil.
    We also got into a conversation about my folding saw the night before. I had mentioned that I recently bought that folding saw prior to the trip. I was looking for a Sven-Saw but I was unable to find one locally. Paul had never heard of them. I remember them being popular when I was younger but perhaps they fell out of favor. I still think they are a great idea.

    Here's Bob packing up the last of his and Mary's gear into the trailer. Man that things holds a lot.

    If you are interested in one of those trailers Bob happens to sell them at

    One last picture of Meat Cove before heading out. You can see the Triumph boys just down the hill to the right. There were still sleeping until just about when we were getting ready to leave. I walked down to say goodbye to them and wished them luck on their journey.

    Then it was back to the Cabot Trail to get some more sweet riding in before stopping at Cheticamp for breakfast.

    The weather seemed to change from minute to minute alternating between windy rain and warming sunshine. I got fooled once into stopping in a downpour to put on my rain gloves only to have it stop raining almost as soon as I got them on. Oh well.
    Here are are taking a break up in the Highlands.

    The roads are smoother on the Gulf side of the Island.

    There are lots of big pull off areas for pictures.

    More great views!

    This section of road was so good that Ron and I kept running it back and forth.

    There I go heading out for a rerun of that section.

    Followed by Ron on his GS. He did a pretty good job whipping that thing into the turns.

    Here I am going back by.

    Here's Ron on his GS.

    I went back that away!

    and here I come again,

    Okay enough goofing around!

    I put the camera away and road up to the next pull off to take pics of everyone else.
    Here comes Paul on his GS followed by Bob and Mary on their K-bike.

    Note the clouds in the background!

    Bob and Mary.

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    Talking Nova Scotia Day 4 Part II

    The infamous "Cabot Trail" shot that all the travel guides have.

    One more,

    See I really was there!

    Then we continued on toward Cheticamp and my low fuel light came on so I was pleased to get moving along. All the back and forth used up a lot of gas I guess. As we were riding along some cars were pulled over and I noticed this!

    The funny thing about seeing it is that I was lamenting to everyone that morning how I had hardly seen any wildlife. Whenever I see everyone else photos they have pictures of bears, moose, eagles, all sorts of things. Well I finally got my moose photo.

    We stopped in Cheticamp for gas and some breakfast. It was past 11 though so I suppose it was really lunch or perhaps brunch. They weren't really ready to be open yet but they did open the dinning room for us. I think most of us got the fish fry and it was pretty good. I cant remember what the name of the place was though.

    After finishing lunch we finsihed our ride on the Cabot Trail and headed for the Celtic region and rode the Ceilidh Trail. Ceilidh (pronounced kay-lee) is Gaelic for party or gathering. Then we stopped by the Glenora Distillery in Glenville, Inverness County, Nova Scotia.

    They are the only Single Malt Whiskey distillery in North America. They give daily tours and its $7 CAD including a nice shot of the 10 year whiskey. It was a pretty good tour and very informative. For instance I learned that Single Malt starts out as the same receipe as beer and the distilling process is where the difference comes in. Second, I also didn't know the only different between a Single Malt and Scotch is that Scotland has a patent on the word "Scotch". Only whiskey from Scotland can be called "Scotch" similar to how Champagne can only come from the Champagne region in France, otherwise its a sparkling white wine.

    We went and paid for our tour but there was about 30 minutes to kill before the start of the tour. So we decided to check out the pub. They had some kids playing music.

    The bar was pretty nice

    Paul decided to nap!

    This is the stream that is the water source for the whiskey and part of the reason they built the distillery here

    The tour guide explained the differences between single malt and blended whiskeys as well as Scotch.

    No smoking allowed

    The wort tanks,

    inside the tank,

    the fermentation tank,

    and of course the distilling tanks.

    Then is was time for samples!

    I wasn't sure if it was good or not since I am not a big whiskey drinker but I was assured by Bob that it was. I bought some bottles as gifts and then we hit the road again.

    We rode down to Port Hawkesbury and stopped by the Walmart there so I could by a new wardrobe to replace what was lost in my lost saddlebag. I picked up a pair of Levis, a basic T-shirt, skivvies, and some toiletries.

    Shopping mission completed and it was onto Bob and Mary's place in Larry's River.

    Mary grew up in this house and they are currently renovating it as their second home. They had a photo album of the work they've done and it unreal how much they've done.
    The sun was starting to set.

    This is the little dirt road we came in on.

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    Thumbs up Nova Scotia Day 4 Part III

    Its very peaceful there

    Thats the footbridge for people to cross to get to the other side of town. Originally it was so kids on this side of the river could get to the school on the other side. It was originally a rope bridge.

    My very dirty one bag having R1100S

    Not as dirty looking from this angle.

    The sun is almost gone...

    There it goes.

    Mary made us an excellent Lasagna dinner with garlic bread, and some refried black beans. We had some brews, dessert, and Bob entertained us with some guitar.

    Bob, Mary, and I stayed up very late talking and having a great time. They are a great couple. I finally went to bed around midnight. Long day, but it was great.

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    Cool Nova Scotia Day 5

    Day 5
    Tuesday August 21, 2007

    We woke up Tuesday morning and had a casual breakfast. Ron on the yellow GS went his own way the previous day back to Prince Edward Island.
    Here's a shot of the bikes.

    I think it was around ten that we decided to pack the bikes up and head to Halifax. We were going to do some sight seeing and Bob again graciously offered Paul and I am place to stay. He lives in Halifax. We got the bikes all packed, mounted up and started down the road. Then I noticed Paul wasn't following. I circled back and he said his bike wasn't starting. It turned out his battery was dead.

    We managed to jump start it and got it running. As soon as he put the seat on it stalled. Well that's different. We took the seat back off and noticed he had some alligator clips for a battery tender attached to the battery. The seat on his GS has metal bar that runs across it. I think it shorted out the battery. You could see where the clips were arcing on the bar. At first we thought perhaps it blew a fuse. So I got a crash course in taking the body work of a R1200GS trying to find fuses. I did find some underneath the gas tank in an impossible position. We checked them all and they looked good. So we decided it must be the battery and that possibly it shorted out. The problem is that in Larry's River motorcycle shops aren't around every corner. In fact the nearest one was an hour away. We tried to see if they battery from Bob's ATV would work in the GS. The posts were facing the wrong way and it was a little small. We gave it a shot though in the hope it would get him to Halifax. We played around with it for probably about an hour trying to get it to fit. We managed to get it in there but the bike still wouldn't start. So we tried jumping it again and it got running. However we became worried about what would happen if the bike stalled on the road. So we decided to bite the bullet and take the hour trek to get a battery. Bob made some phone calls and located a battery in Antigonish at a Honda Dealer.

    View Larger Map

    Truthfully for a while I was thinking of heading out to Halifax on my own and just camping somewhere since I had to catch the Cat Ferry on Thursday and I still had some things I wanted to do while I was up there since Bob was still with him. However, I decided that would be really bad Karma to leave a fellow motorcyclist stranded so I stayed with the guys.

    So onto Antigonish we went to fetch a battery. The dealer checked Paul's old battery and it showed zero volts. It must have shorted a plate dead or something. Battery in hand we started the trek back to Larry's River and stopped to get lunch at a place called Mrs Webbs I think it was called? I am not positive. All three of us got the ribs and they were pretty good I have to say and decently priced.

    We arrived back in Larry's River and installed the battery. The GS started right up and ran great! We were all very releived. We quickly packed up and hit the road. It was a long trek to Halifax from Larry's river. There is just no quick way to go as you can see on the map below. We just took the highway. It was probably the most boring ride I had of the trip. I was thankful for the XM on the GPS.

    View Larger Map

    I think we arrived in Halifax around 8ish. We had a couple beers and talked then we all kind of just crashed.

    Bob had to return to work the next morning, Paul had to get down to Yarmouth to catch that ferry, and I wanted to do some sight seeing around Halifax the next day. This wasn't what I had in mind for the day but it was a relaxing day and it was nice having a small break from all the riding I'd been doing.

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    Smile Nova Scotia Day 6 Part I

    Day 6
    Wednesday August 22, 2007

    I woke up about 6 am and Bob was up as well. He made us a little impromptu breakfast which I greatly appreciated. I knew he had to get to work so I got ready as quickly as I could, showered, and packed up. I said goodbye to Bob and thanked him for everything. I wished Paul good luck on his journey back to Ballston Spa, my birthplace, as he had to catch the Cat Ferry. I hit the road once again solo about 8:30.

    My first tourist stop was the Halifax Citadel.
    "Constructed between 1828 and 1856, the Halifax Citadel is an impressive star-shaped masonry structure complete with defensive ditch, earthen ramparts, musketry gallery, powder magazine, garrison cells, guard room, barracks and school room."

    Down in the fort.

    A regiment practicing.

    One of the two buildings inside

    Looking at these walls you can see why no one ever bothered to attempt taking the Citadel

    The huge 7 ton canons on these swivel tracks probably also had something to do with it.

    Looking out to the Harbor you could see some Navy Frigates and Destroyers.

    I could also see part of British Upholder Class Sub.

    The fort is quite large.

    The other building in the fort. These younger guys practiced without weapons.

    This gives you an idea of how high the walls are.

    At one point while walking on the top of the walls I noticed a little heard path in the grass up to the top of the walls. I started to climb up when I heard, "STEP DOWN FROM THE GRASS PLEASE!". Whoops! I got scolded. I hopped down and waved. He hollered again, "THANK YOU!" I felt like a big dork but later on I heard a few more people getting scolded. Whew, I wasn't the only one.

    There was a bag piper during the raising of the flags.

    Some other cannons around.

    Twin gun rooms.

    I looked around a little more, then checked out the gift shop, then I decided it was time to take off. My next stop would be the Maritime Museum down on Water Street...

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    Smile Nova Scotia Day 6 Part II

    The museum was less that 5 minutes away. It was a pretty cool place right on the Ocean with a nice boardwalk. This is the Acadia.

    This is a Corvette, the Flower class corvettes were a class of 267 corvettes developed by the Royal Navy and Royal Canadian Navy specifically for the protection of shipping convoys during the Battle of the Atlantic (1939-1945) in World War II. They were a stop-gap measure in the war against the German U-boats: small ships that could be produced quickly and cheaply in large numbers

    Then it was on to the inside of the museum. This is a replica of the pirate Edward Jordon. He was executed in Halifax in 1809. He was "gibbeted" at Black Rock in Point Pleasant Park. Any ship entering Halifax Harbor was greeted by this rotting corpse swinging in the wind.

    They currently have a huge pirate display comparing the facts vs fiction. It was very good.
    Here is a depiction of a Hollywood pirate ship on the right and a true pirate ship on the left.

    An old lighthouse lens.

    Here are some items taken from a captured U-boat toward the end of the war.

    The official surrender certificate of U-190. The crew was very relieved to be captured. Apprently 70% of all u-boat crew died in the war. After the war many stayed in Nova Scotia to live.

    Some of the sail boats on display.

    They also had a section dedicated to the Titanic.

    Here's an actual deck chair from it.

    Here's a view of the boat display from upstairs.

    There were many model replicas of various ships upstairs that are all created from scratch by volunteers.

    They also have a shipwreck display upstairs. The museum if very cool and well worth the $7 admission fee. They also gave me a AAA discount as many of the tourist attractions and camping grounds in Nova Scotia did.

    After the museum I traveled about a mile up the road to Pier 21 in the Halifax port, where one million immigrants landed between 1928-1971. Pier 21 is like Canada's version of America's Ellis Island.

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    Talking Nova Scotia Day 6 Part 3 - A Stranger's Random Act of Kindness

    I had done everything I wanted to do in Halifax so now was the decision on what to do. I was thinking about visiting Peggy's Cove, Luenenberg, and work my way down part of the Lighthouse Trail. A few people had said Peggy's Cove wasn't that great. I checked the GPS and it was only about 18 miles away so I decided to go there anyway. I was so close, why not. It was a really nice drive out there along the coast but took longer than I thought, about 45 minutes, considering it was only 18 miles. I got there and its a tiny little fishing town although very picturesque. As I was driving in I was following a GS1200 and an F650GS. I saw a few places I might like to take pictures but there was a number of cars behind me and really no place to pull off so I went straight to the lighthouse figuring I could stop on the way out. I parked right behind the couple on the GSs and we compared notes on where we've been. I had actually seen them a few times during my trip. I noticed a number of times during my stay in Nova Scotia I kept seeing the same cars.
    The lighthouse was very pretty and did not disappoint.

    While walking on some of the rocks I came across this plaque which I found amusing.

    The waves were crashing up and I could see the need for the warning.

    One more of the lighthouse

    I took a few more shots near the lighthouse and went back toward the village to the area I saw that I wanted to get some pictures at.

    Here's a boat resting on its hull during low tide.

    After taking this photo,

    I walked back to my bike and started putting my camera away. As I was doing this a man came up to me and said "Nice Bike." I told him thanks and he said, "Nice saddlebag, that must come in handy." I said, "Yeah it was even better when I had two. I lost the other one 4 days ago on Sunday up in Cape Breton on the Cabot Trail somewhere." He asked what it looked like and I said, "Well its just like this one. Its black, oh and on the back it has a circular BMW MOA sticker that has North America on it." Then he says, "I have it in my car." WHAT!!! He said he saw it bouncing down the road on Sunday and picked it up figuring it had to belong to a motorcyclist. He'd been carrying it since then not knowing what to do with it and hoping he would come across me. He saw me taking pictures then noticed I only had one saddlebag and figured it had to be mine. I was stunned. I barely knew what to say.
    I thanked him and tried to buy him lunch but he wouldn't have any of it.
    Here Mike and his wife.

    So 4 days and about 500 miles later I got my saddlebag back!! I am still stunned. Remember that Karma thing from the day before? If I had left then, I would have missed Mike, and never got my bag back. Amazing.

    I installed my newly recovered road rashed saddlebag, and took off for Luenenburg. I would weave along the coast here and there sometimes hopping on the highway. I arrived in Lunenburg and lucked out that the Bluenose II was in shore. The original Bluenose was a Canadian schooner from Nova Scotia, a celebrated racing ship and a symbol of the province. The name "bluenose" originated as a nick-name for Nova Scotians. Her daughter, Bluenose II, was launched at Lunenburg on July 24, 1963, built to original plans by many of the same workers. She cost $300,000 to build and was financed by the Oland Family as a marketing tool for their brewery operations in Halifax and Saint John. Her popularity led to her being sold to the government of Nova Scotia which in turn gave possession of the ship to the Bluenose II Preservation Trust.

    The ship is gorgeous.

    Look at the woodwork.

    After checking out the area it was time for some lunch. I stopped at a place and got a Propeller Cream Soda which is supposedly all natural, and a BBQ chicken pizza.

    Food shot!

    I left Lunenburg after lunch and wound my way down the coast occasionally hopping on the highway, sometimes taking the lighthouse route. I decided since it was my last night in Nova Scotia I wanted to find a place to camp on the ocean and stop riding kind of early. I found the place I was looking for. They had an ocean side site available for just $19!! Now that's why I love camping.

    Look at the view!

    I basically just hung out on the beach. The water was too cold for me for swimming although I did see some people doing it. It was nice to finally put on clean clothes and not have to wear my boots around camp. I snapped some pics around the beach at sunset.

    Then I snapped this one of the moon.

    Then I settled down in my Kermit Chair and watched some Caveman TV and thought about how amazingly lucky I want to get my chair back. Simply amazing. All in all it was a great day and I had a fantastic time in Nova Scotia.

    More to come tomorrow, Day 7.

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    Nova Scotia Day 7

    Day 7
    Thursday August 23, 2007

    I woke up at 4:43am and snapped this photo. Then I went promptly back into my tent until 6 to sleep some more and man was it chilly. I got up, made some coffee and some oatmeal. I hung up a clothes line and hung my tent fly over it to dry. I made a fire since it was pretty chilly and plopped myself down in my Kermit chair and enjoyed my coffee.

    I started packing up around 8 and by 9 I was on the road. Of course 5 miles down the road I remembered I left my clothes line hanging up and I left my camp towel on it too. Boo!!!

    I made my way along the lighthouse route again. I didn't really have any set destinations in mind except Cape Sable Island and Yarmouth to catch the ferry.
    I came upon this lighthouse on the way.

    I arrived at Cape Sable Island which is the most southern point in Nova Scotia and I thought it was cool that I went to both the northernmost point and the southernmost point.

    Its nice having two saddlebags and clean clothes again!

    This hill is a lot higher than it looks about 20 ft and I found it odd that it had grass growing on top.

    Here's my I was there photo.

    The Cape Sable Island lighthouse. Its the tallest lighthouse in Nova Scotia.


    I finished up on the island then it was onto the final push toward Yarmouth to await the ferry. I was hoping to check things out around town. I got into Yarmouth around 1 and I decided to head out to the lighthouse at Cape Forchu. The original Lighthouse built in 1840, was replaced by the current structure in the 1960's. Rising 23 meters above the ground, the lighthouse's two-million candlepower beam can be seen over 30 nautical miles out to sea. Its the only "apple core" style lighthouse in Nova Scotia.

    I walked around the cape and took in the sights.

    Then I was getting hungry to I decided to see if I could get something to eat before getting on the ferry since that wouldn't be underway until 4. I found they had a tea room that served food right in the lighthouse museum. I stopped in at the
    Mug Up Tea Room.

    I ordered the Lobster sandwich and a coffee.

    Even though I am not a huge lobster fan it was quite good. The coffee was really good and the waitress was very good about refilling my cup often. I also got the bread pudding with caramel sauce for dessert. That was quite good. If you are ever there I would highly recommend lunch at the Mug Up Tea Room.

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