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Thread: Voltmeter for 2012 1200GS

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    Voltmeter for 2012 1200GS

    What item/brand is anyone using to monitor charging.......with winter heated gear, aux lights, etc.....I'm curious about what the status is, even
    though I'm good about leaving on battery tender after rides

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    Welcome to the forum! Not sure if these threads are much help, but something to look over before others come in with some suggestions:
    Kurt -- Forum Liaison ---> Resources and Links Thread <---
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    Thanks for the quick reply.......first time posting, not my last.
    GS is in shop to remove shocks for rebuilding at Teds Beenershop....
    Hope to have an idea about the meter and get installed after holiday

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    FWIW: I have an Escort Passport 8500 mounted in view. It is programmed to always display alternator output voltage as well as detect radar strength when zapped.

    Just a thought.
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    I have one of the Aerostich volt meters mounted to my R1200R and it works great. I have it set up to come on when the key is turned on. I it small and can be easily mounted. Below is a link to it.

    Roger L

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    Thanks again....nice to see options...

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