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Thread: U Tube 2007 Bmw Wisconson Rally

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    Thumbs up U Tube 2007 Bmw Wisconson Rally

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    Link doesn't work (at least for me it didn't.

    I looked it up, hope this works...

    Yes, Its a great video!

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    That was great! Thanks for putting that together for those of who were there and for those who were at home, you really captured the spirit!
    Gail Hatch
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    Very cool. Some great pictures.

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    Cool Thanks from Wyoming. Due to catarac surgery...

    in one eye, I had to forgo the WI rally...I almost went, but all I'd get to see would've been a blurr. These were nice and crispy for my new sight. Hit the spot.
    I made up for it a bit by going to the Husker Rally in Franklin, Nebraska.
    Anyhoo, thanks & hope you do more of those for we who are anchored at home.
    Michael A. Bailey
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    U Tube

    Wow . . .

    Potentially a great recruiting tool!

    Thanks from one who couldn't make it this year!
    Gregory L. Johnson
    The rider formerly known as VT Greg

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