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Thread: price for r/25

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    price for r/25

    Does anyone know what a R25/3 in

    good shape would be worth. Thanks

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    Hey Ray -

    Are you buying or selling?

    If buying, the value is priceless. Form the friends you'll gain when getting restoration advice and counsel, to the acquaintences you'll make when out on the road riding, it'll be like buying a puppy that's already paper trained.

    Clearly, the joy of ownership, and pride of mastering such a fine example of German engineering and motoring history, will serve as a positive reflection of your own personality, character, and passions.

    If selling, your gesture will qualify as another random act of kindness being bestowed upon the lucky acquiring party, and thus mutually benefitting both of your karmas. Not to mention the magic miles of memories, both past and future, being tossed into the bargin.

    In short, just follow your heart (and not your wallet), for it's a win/win situation no matter which side of the exchange you find yourself.
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    I gave $3800 for an R27 five years ago. It was in good running, un-restored condition at that time. No matter what you end up paying, set aside a few thousand dollars more for needed repairs that will almost certainly crop up.

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