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Thread: 800 valves

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    800 valves

    Does any know what the valve adjustment interval is on the 800's and how difficult they are?

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    All the BMW maintenance schedules include "Reading out countdown distance to next valve-clearance check" as part of their checklist.

    As I understand it, the computer keeps track of your style of riding and then sets the interval for the valve check.

    At least every 10,000kms anyway as that is when they countdown is checked. That check also includes replacing the spark plugs.

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    Word seems to be that usually the computer isn't indicating a valve adjustment until around the 20,000 km mark. It's a shim system, so the parts should be on hand before you tear into the engine.

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    I just took my bike in for the 12000 mile service and there was 3 hours labor on the bill so I assume they manually checked the valves. They changed the plugs and air filter and oil. The mechanic said that the valves looked good. I had previously taken it in for the 600 and 6000 mile service and there was only about a 40 minute labor charge. At 18000 miles I may just change the oil myself and wait until 24,000 before I take it back to the dealer.

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    BMW has done away with relying on the computer to determine when valves need to be checked. They have gone to fixed intervals. For the F800 its every 12k miles. For all the new K4x (K1200S, K1200GT, etc...) its every 18k miles. This is also the same interval for replacing sparkplugs.

    Very soon you will start seeing new CAN BUS equipped models with a service indicator, indicating date and miles to next service.

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