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Thread: Cannot login to renew membership

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    Cannot login to renew membership

    This has been an issue since I joined the MOA, and now I need to renew and I am unable to get passed the PASSWORD & EMAIL UPDATE Screen. When I get to that screen, for the CURRENT user name there is nothing displayed, then I get kicked back to the BMW MOA Secure Services screen, where the cycle starts all over again. Please sort out my account and notify me through email when I can renew my membership onine. I am not going to mail the renewel. My membership expires in September, so there is no great rush to this, but if it isn't fixed I won't be able to renew...agian, I am not going to mail this in, that isn't an option. I have my issues with the post office.

    I have had to do this so many times trying to get it to work on a Mac AND on a Windows XP, with no luck on each. It doesn't seem to matter which browser I use either.


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    Exclamation Java Scriped LIne 10

    I tried to and I foud the Java is messed up have reported it (ten days ago ) stiil f*ced up. does ayone listen?

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