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Thread: lowered 2002 F650GS

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    lowered 2002 F650GS

    I have found a 2002 F650, factory lowered version. I am 6-0, with an inseam of 33, so am wondering if the lowered version would be a mistake. The bike is located in Florida, so I would have to go down there to try it out. Anyone have experience with this?

    I just sold my lowred RT and the lower height was not a problem. Thanks in advance.
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    With a 33" inseam I don't think a lowered version would work for you. My inseam is 29" and I can go either way. I have a standard frame '01 GS and '97 ST and rode them with no problem unlowered however I did install lowering kits on both. The 1" difference is that I can now place both feet flat on the ground, at the price of some ground clearance. The only clearance problem I encounter is with the GS sidestand in hard LH turns. One solution if you do find the bike to low is to put a Daker seat on it which is 1" higher.

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    I think part of the "lowered" package is a short seat. Assuming it is, I too think you might find yourself folded up a bit in the knee department. I've got a Dakar model with a BMW solo seat (which is stock height) and put lowered pegs from touratech on, as much for comfort as the extra "grippiness" offroad.
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