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Thread: Saddle bag liners for raised muffler bikes

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    Question Saddle bag liners for raised muffler bikes

    Brothers... am soliciting thoughts on saddle bag liners. On my old K75 RT, Kathy's liners from Bob's fit PERFECTLY. Just fill up the liner and insert into the saddle bag.

    Now I have a GT with the smaller left-side saddle bag. I recently received Cee Baileys liners and the left liner is, sadly, basically the same as the right "senza" the extra pocket. I tested it and couldn't even come close to filling the liner and still had to tuck the edges into the saddle bag. This required running back into the house and emptying some of the contents of the liner so it would fit.

    Has anyone used Kathy's liners for the smaller saddle bag design? Does it fit perfectly? I hate the idea of having to go back into the house and remove items like required on my test of the Cee Bailey's liners. They look beautiful but I need function over form on this one.


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    I have a Roadster with a high pipe. I use the bags from Helen2Wheels. It's smaller on the left side but if you really pack the bag you'll have trouble closing either side. That's O.K. cuz I'm getting the oversized lids soon.

    All H2W products are well made.


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