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Thread: Gillette Preview

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    Now, your've done it....

    With all the bitching about Gillette, I was excited that I was going to have the pick of all the campsites, no waiting for a cold one at the Bier Garten, and a better shot at all the rally door prizes...Now there are going to be all these BMW riders in Gillette next July, having a good time and enjoying some great riding and comraderie.....Way to go, Red.
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    Looks great, thanks for posting pics!

    There was flat track racing next to the 49er rally in Northern California this year, it was very well attended by rally-goers. Let's see, also the RA rally last year, I think, or...somewhere..oh hell, memory fails. Anyway, great idea, and timely, as there's a new BMW flat tracker based on the F800:

    Doncha think BMW would like to take this opportunity to showoff their stuff?

    Love the combination of open spaces and nearby twisty roads. Maybe those wide open space spook the folks from the big cities, to me they look like a breath of fresh air.

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    Thank you for the pictures but, where is the razor factory at?

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    Nice job on the preview pictures. I think your phot report did a better job of quieting down all the 'Mr. Buzzkills' who were creating so much negative press about this 2008 choice than words ever could acomplish. I can't wait and it looks like some great GS roads await to play with too. Everyone should see these pictures,

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    Quote Originally Posted by mikegates View Post
    Nice sticker on back of left bag! Twelve years later Ive found my answer to touring. BMW rallys!
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    Think I'll go and start packing, can't wait. I rode a bunch of that gravel and dirt last year. Fun Fun Fun !!!


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    You sure did a good job of making the place look better than their own web site! Works for me!


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    Quote Originally Posted by gambrinus View Post
    You sure did a good job of making the place look better than their own web site! Works for me!

    Ain't that the truth...I think their web site caused half of the consternation here!
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    Great photos. I'm eager to go to Gillette. Actually any place I haven't been to and most of the places I have are worth the trip as long as I'm riding.


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    Great Report

    With so many folks sounding so negative, I was wondering. I loved the pictures! Don't know if I can swing the rally, but I'm gonna try. Thanks!

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    Great report! Take that all you naysayers! Who says Wyoming isn't a great place to ride? I loved it out there the beginning of this month and i went thru Sturgis right in the middle of the rally. Had to go all the way to Wall to find a place to camp. There were some mighty nice female types riding Harleys, One of the few times I didn't object to seeing someone sans ATGATT

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